Timbre @ Gillman: Singapore Burger Review

Sunday Burgers – Hot off the grill, perfect for the family.

Timbre @ Gillman - Exterior

The three Timbre locations – the Gillman Barracks, The Arts House and The Substation – are known for good food, a wide variety of menu items and drinks, and a rotating lineup of live musical performances.

Timbre’s Gillman location in particular is offering some new and exciting weekend programs for its regular guests. On Saturdays they fire up the outdoor grill and for their BBQ Social and beginning just last month, they have launched a special burger menu each Sunday. Timber’s burgers even come with hand-selected beer and cider parings. Burgers and beer? I’m there.

Timbre @ Gillman - Interior

Timbre @ Gillman - Play area

Timbre @ Gillman is tucked away in a lush green area of the former military barracks, recently turned contemporary art scene. The space is out of the way and relatively quiet – in a good way. The interior is mainly comprised of a small sea of outdoor tables, both low and high tops and a stage area. Tables and TVs aside, once you arrive at Timbré the first thing that catches your eye is the sprawling outdoor play area.

The open space is enclosed by beautiful, thick green foliage with a brightly colored bounce house centerpiece. This makes Timbre a popular weekend destination for families looking to enjoy a good meal and cold drink while letting the kids roam freely.

Timbre @ Gillman - Interior

Timbre @ Gillman - Fries

Timbre at Gillman’s special Sunday-only burger menu offers 8 Speciality Burgers, which include beef, lamb, chicken, pork and vegetation options ($16.00-$26.00). If you would prefer, you can always Create Your Own Masterpiece ($24.00). Creating your own burger includes your choice of 1 protein (7 to choose from), 4 condiments (17 varieties to choose from), and 1 spread finish off the burger (9 different varieties).

Each burger patty weighs in at about 200g and is cooked outside for you to view and served hot off the grill. Major bonus: all burgers come with a pot of free-flow(!) crispy, golden fries.

Timbre @ Gillman - Burgers

Yet another added benefit to Timbre’s Sunday special is their burger and beer pairings. What a genius idea. Timbre has carefully selected both bottled beers and ciders that best compliment each of their speciality creations. (If you think you know best, you can substitute the beer selection, but there may be a small top up, depending on your selection).

Timbre @ Gillman - Lamb Burger

Timbre @ Gillman - Lamb Burger

Obviously opting for the burger and beer pairing, we ordered up the Mary Had a Humongous Lamb Burger, Paired with Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer ($34.00 or $21.00 a la cart). 

The lamb patty is made with salt, pepper, garlic and a spicy mixture of secret seasonings. The grilled, dripping lamb patty is honey-glazed and grilled and finally topped with lettuce, grilled beetroot, tzatiki and melted cheese.

With a 70% lean, 30% fat ratio, this burger was thick and juicy with a kick of spice. We found this to be a good, albeit messy, fork and knife burger that will easily fill you up and fast. If you enjoy lamb, this burger, with its spices and toppings, was very true to that distinct Middle Eastern aroma and flavor. The light, crispy taste of the ginger beer was an excellent partner to this dish.

Timbre @ Gillman - Juicy Lucy Burger

Timbre @ Gillman - Juicy Lucy Burger

Next, I couldn’t resist when seeing the Juicy Lucy Burger, Paired with Brewdog Brixton Porter ($33.00, $20.00 a la cart) on the menu. If you are not familiar with the Juicy Lucy, take note. Invented in Minneapolis, USA, the Juicy Lucy is a burger with cheese stuffed inside of the beef patty. It melts once cooked and is meant to ooze warm cheesy goodness once bitten into.

The rendition of this American delicacy at Timbré is topped with crispy bacon (whoops, they forgot ours that day), lettuce, tomatoes, a fried egg, caramelized onions and an aioli sauce. Another fork and knife style burger, this thing is what burgers are made of. I would have liked the cheese to be a little more fluid, but the taste and heartiness of the burger made it a very enjoyable indulgence.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of porter lager, but the dark, strong molasses taste compliments the richness of the beef nicely. Next time I would probably order myself a lighter beer on the side.

Timbre @ Gillman - Chocolate Fondant

Finishing off our meal we devoured the Chocolate Fondant ($10.00). This chocolatey treat was piping hot and ooey-gooey goodness. The hint of butterscotch and fresh berries were a nice touch. Call me gluttonous, but this would have been awesome with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Timbre @ Gillman - Bar

Grill making you too hot? There are 4-5 tables at the bar if you would like to dine inside. This would also make a good place to chill over some good beer or harder drinks while watching a big game.

Timbre @ Gillman - Burgers

Timbre @ Gillman - Exterior

With live grilling and a wide range of burger combinations, as well as unique craft beers, I would make a return trip to Timbré at Gillman on a Sunday. The pulled pork burger paired with Wychwood Hobgoblin is calling my name. I enjoyed the overall relaxed, quiet vibe which is inviting to families, couples and groups alike. The food is hot and the beer is cold, making it a great Sunday hang out. (Note: there is no live music on Sundays)

Expected Damage: $18.00 – $38.00 per pax

Timbre @ Gillman: 9A Lock Road Gillman Barracks, Singapore 108926 | Tel: 6694 4201 | Website 

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