Uncle Leong Signature: Famous Seafood Dishes Great For Large Families

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Uncle Leong Signature, the latest restaurant to open at Waterpoint under the Uncle Leong Seafood restaurant chain, selects only the best signature dishes from the menu of their current restaurants to serve to the public.

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It’s open air concept and bright lighting allow for more casual dining for families, large or small. So if you’re afraid of your family being too rowdy in posh restaurants, bring them here. Uncle Leong Signatures will welcome you with open arms.

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Slightly unlike its brother outlets, Uncle Leong Signatures has a more Western hint to its interior design (well, maybe more like exterior, considering how its open air concept allows you to see neighbouring outlets as well). With giant red and grey crabs scaling their stone walls and fishnet decorations, Uncle Leong Signatures just screams seafood.

Thankfully, their food (not just seafood) arrives about 15 minutes upon order, so I didn’t have to wait too long.

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The first dish to arrive was their Twin Taste Kai Lan ($15.90), with half of the plate being fresh and crunchy Kai Lan, blanched and cooked with oyster sauce, inducing very full flavours with a juicy clean taste.

The other half was also Kai Lan, but done in an interesting style – shredded Kai Lan leaves are deep fried to a delicious salty crisp and then topped off with chicken floss. They tasted like Nori (Japanese Salted Seaweed), and it’s unlike any Kai Lan I’ve ever eaten.

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Just a minute after the Kai Lan arrived, came the Crispy Milk Granules Marble Goby ($48). The Goby itself was well-fried – soft and surprisingly, not dry at all, with its skin a nice crispy contrast. Do watch out for the tiny bones though.

The milk granules, slightly sweet, had a crunch to them, and were drenched in viscous tomato based sauce that has a spicy kick. More than 10 ingredients were incorporated into making just the sauce itself, and this sweet-sour sauce, along with the crunchy milk granules, went very nicely with the Goby. 

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Next, was the Treasure Box Beancurd ($16.90) – diced prawns and scallops, and spring onions encased in egg tofu and then sprinkled with shredded dried scallop. It had a biting garlic smack to it despite the overall gentle flavours from the rest of its components.

This dish was extremely easy to go through simply because its so soft easy to eat. Pop it in your mouth and it’s practically gone.

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Then, came the Pan Fried Prawns in Tomato Soya Sauce ($19.90). The prawns, plump and fat, came split in half at the back, and unshelled. Although the sauce was good, I couldn’t get to eating the prawns as its meat was unshakeably stuck to its shell, and I didn’t manage to separate them.

Seeing as to how I’m not one to consume the shells of crustaceans, I simply gave up on eating the prawns altogether.

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Moving on disappointedly from the prawns, I dug into the Nescafe Pork Ribs ($16.90) – very enticing with its aromatic coffee fragrance. At first crispy bite, I got reminded of my favourite childhood candy – Kopiko.

The pork ribs were abundantly coated with Nescafe mix, and were extremely delicious, but unfortunately, I couldn’t taste the pork through the overpowering coffee flavours.

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The Cereal Chicken ($16.90) arrived looking like just a heap of fried cereal, but buried underneath the pile of cereal was nice crispy slices of chicken generously  coated with lemon mayonnaise.

The lemon mayonnaise, creamy and sweet-sour, was amazing with the chicken and oats, but the oats could have been crispier as I felt that they perhaps weren’t cooked thoroughly.

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The XO Sauce with Scallops XO ($19.90) was enjoyably slightly spicy and heavy in flavours considering how many ingredients were incorporated in it – celery, carrots, snow peas, carrots, small ikan bilis, and dried meat. The scallops were soft, but not as soft as Hokkaido Scallops, and were a little more chewy than I’d hoped, but the sauce salvaged it. The dish came in an edible bowl of crispy fried Popiah skin.

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The crabs were served last. The Chilli Crab ($70) was sweet and very very spicy. The sauce is not as viscous as and clearer than the average plate of Chilli Crab, which is good because it indicates that they used less starch. The crabs are fresh too as they don’t have that leftover taste of the dirty sea.

The fried Mantou, when dipped in the delectable sauce , simply sends you straight to heaven. We loved it so much that we ordered another plate of Mantou.

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The last dish of this feast was the Butter Cheesy Crab ($70). Unfortunately, there were no hints of butter or cheese in the sauce at all, and instead, only the overpowering flavour of excessive fried garlic. The crab, however, was fresh.

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Uncle Leong Signatures is a great place for seafood lovers and large families with fresh seafood and exceptionally delicious signature dishes.

Expected Damage: $50 – $60 per pax

Uncle Leong Signatures: 83 Punggol Central #B1-21 Waterway Point East Wing, Singapore 828761 | Tel: +65 6385 9989 | Website