Relive Your Childhood With Uncle Lim’s Traditional Ice Cream Now Available For Delivery

Remember when our friendly neighbourhood ice cream uncles were giving out free ice cream at Orchard Road? Now with the “Circuit Breakers” in place, they’re unable to sell ice cream along the roadside anymore. What’s another way to sustain their livelihood? Well, Uncle Lim Old School Ice Cream is now taking orders on Facebook

In case you’re not sure what kind of ice cream I’m talking about, it’s the one I’m sure everyone has tried when they were young. I used to buy these every week from the ice-cream uncle who sells under my block. 

Now, you can make your own ice cream with different flavours and biscuits. Good news if you prefer the rainbow bread like me—Uncle Lim Old School Ice Cream sells those too! 

Uncle Tom Old School Ice Cream Order Delivery Singapore Apr 2020 Online

There are 12 flavours available for selection, and an estimate of eight portions of ice-cream per block. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, you’ll have to cut up your own ice cream at home—it’s time to master our beloved ice cream uncles’ craft! 

Some of the popular flavours available are Chocolate, Ripple, Chocolate Chip, Peppermint Chip, Durian and Sweet Corn. Each box will retail at S$8 each and you’ll even get free delivery if you purchase two boxes. 

Uncle Tom Old School Ice Cream Order Delivery Singapore Apr 2020 Online 2

If you order one box only, a delivery charge of S$4 will apply. Biscuits cost S$1 for 16 pcs and a loaf of rainbow bread costs S$2.50 for an estimate of 12 pcs. Unfortunately, Uncle Lim Old School Ice Cream is a small business, so delivery is not island-wide. 

Keep a lookout on their Facebook page to make your orders—they might be opening orders at new locations by the end of the week. Be sure to turn your post notifications on and make your order before stocks run out! From the looks of the comments on Uncle Lim’s posts, it seems like these ice creams are extremely high in demand.

Be sure to #supportlocal and order your traditional ice cream today. You’ll feel the nostalgia of the past and you can share it with your family as well! 

Dates & Times: Now available on Uncle Lim Old School Ice Cream Facebook page 

Prices: S$8 per box of ice cream, S$1 for 16 biscuits, S$2.50 for 1 loaf of rainbow bread