Wally.B: Huge fried chicken waffle sandwiches & creamy milkshakes at this Muslim-owned stall in Chinatown

I’ll never say no to fried chicken and waffles, and I’ve found probably the most underrated hidden gem that combines both together wonderfully. Enter Wally.B, an unassuming Muslim-owned coffee shop stall that offers up hearty Western mains like fried chicken waffle sandwiches, beef burgers, hotdogs and homemade milkshakes.

Wally.B 01 - storefront

Though Wally.B has multiple outlets across Singapore, including Jurong West and the newly-opened one at Lequest Mall, we decided to check out the stall at People’s Park Centre as it was the most centrally located.

Wally.B 02 - seating

This has got to be the most unassuming (yet incredibly bustling) coffee shop I’ve seen.

Nestled at the basement of People’s Park Centre in Chinatown is a sprawling coffee shop with no head nor tail; some stalls were located along the main aisles of the building, directly facing retail shops and travel agencies.

You’ll find most of your regular kopitiam fare here, including prawn noodlesyong tau foo and even vegetarian food. Certainly the last place I’d find fried chicken and waffles!

What I tried at Wally.B

Wally.B 10 - waffle sandwich

Though our food took a good 20 to 30 minutes to be prepared (I don’t blame Wally.B though, as the stall was manned by a single man), it was well worth the wait.

My dining companion, Rachel, and I let out audible gasps the minute our food had been served. This must’ve been the most gigantic fried chicken waffle sandwich we’ve ever seen!

Wally.B 05 - waffle sandwich

For only S$9.70, the Crispy Chicken Waffle Sandwich was humongous and instantly worth the price. Not only was a large piece of fried chicken sandwiched between two halves of a freshly made waffle, it had also come with a literal mountain of fries and maple syrup on the side.

Wally.B 11 - waffle sandwich

Holding this fried waffle sandwich in my hands was an entire experience. I could feel the warmth of the fried chicken emanating from the thick, spongey waffle sandwich. The tantalising scent of the spices used to fry the chicken made my mouth water.

Wally.B 06 - waffle sandwich

If you’re wondering if it would be as dense as it looks, don’t worry— I had the same concern too. That is, until I took the provided plastic spoon (keyword: plastic) and attempted to slice the entire fried chicken waffle sandwich in half.

To my surprise, the plastic spoon sliced through the sandwich like hot knife in butter. Amazing.

Wally.B 13 - waffle sandwich

Even after cutting the sandwich into two pieces, there was simply no way to eat this neatly. Rachel and I weren’t even able to fit the waffle sandwich in our mouths in single bites; we had to bite off piece by piece, almost as if we were chipping ice off a gigantic block.

Though a little on the dry side, the fried chicken was seasoned wonderfully with spices, creating slightly peppery, savoury and salty flavours that reminded me of ayam penyet. The waffle was soft and fluffy, though most definitely on the denser end as it had to hold up the huge piece of chicken.

Completing the experience was mayo and shredded cabbage, providing that well-needed refreshing touch.

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Wally.B 04 - burger

Wally.B offers 7 different burger choices, ranging from chicken, beef to fish. For those feeling extra hungry, go for the double or triple patty options— Twin Burger (S$10.30) and Triplet Burger (S$13.50) respectively.

Rachel and I went for the classic The Purfect Burger (S$8.60), which is Wally.B’s single-patty beef burger.

Wally.B 15 - burgers

Frankly, just based on first impressions alone, it seemed that this burger didn’t have much to offer. I was apprehensive as all I could see were two large burger buns, a lean beef patty and hints of shredded cucumber and mayo.

However, just like the Crispy Chicken Waffle Sandwich, the beef burger was so soft that without any effort, my plastic spoon sliced through the middle of the burger.

Wally.B 16 - burgers

As Rachel peeled the burger open into two halves, my first impressions of The Purfect Burger were proved amazingly wrong. Sandwiched between two soft buns were generous servings of sliced cabbage, mayonnaise and a single grilled beef patty.

This was your classic beef burger, and man, was it delicious. I could taste mustard, piquant and crunchy pickles, sliced yellow onions, crunchy lettuce, and a wonderful char from the grilled beef patty.

More importantly, everything was so soft that it required little to no effort to bite into the whole burger.

Wally.B 08 - milkshake

Wally.B’s milkshakes came in regular flavours like Chocolate (S$7.80), Strawberry (S$7.80) and Vanilla (S$7.80), but interestingly, it also had unique options like Biscoff (S$7.80) and Pistachio (S$8).

As the Pistachio was unavailable, we decided to order the Strawberry and Biscoff.

wally.b - milkshake

Both these milkshakes were incredibly yummy, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that Rachel and I must’ve sat there drinking them in silence for a minute or two.

The Strawberry was my personal favourite. Though the consistency was more watery than I expected, a single sip proved me wrong— it was milky, thick and creamy, with a fruity sweetness coming through from the strawberry.

Rachel ended up loving the Biscoff for its nutty, creamy and peanut butter-like flavours. It felt like someone had just turned the Lotus Biscoff biscuit into a drink, and I enjoyed its buttery and caramel notes.

Final thoughts

Wally.B 23 - waffle sandwich

Is this the most unassuming place for fried chicken and waffles? Yes. Would I come back again for it? Most definitely yes.

Wally.B has proved to be an amazing find. Not only were its classic offerings like The Purfect Burger delicious, its unique ones like Crispy Chicken Waffle Sandwich knocked it out of the park with its generous portions and hearty flavours.

Even though Rachel and I were stuffed to the brim, we still finished our personal favourite items for the day: the Strawberry and Biscoff milkshakes. Consider me an official fan!

Expected damage: S$6 – S$15 per pax

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Our Rating: 5 / 5


101 Upper Cross Street, People's Park Centre, Hoe Nam Food Hall, #B1-13, Singapore 058357

Our Rating 5/5


101 Upper Cross Street, People's Park Centre, Hoe Nam Food Hall, #B1-13, Singapore 058357

Telephone: +65 9432 8530
Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Mon to Thu), 11am - 11pm (Fri), 9am - 10pm (Sat & Sun)
Telephone: +65 9432 8530

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Mon to Thu), 11am - 11pm (Fri), 9am - 10pm (Sat & Sun)