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20 Best Waffles in Singapore: The Ultimate Guide

Last Updated: February 6, 2017

Written by Shermaine J Lew


Is there anything not to love about waffles? A well-made waffle is a glorious thing. Its pockets hold a mix of ice-cream and maple sauce that fills your mouth at every bite. It also sits well on both ends of the spectrum –Sweet and Savory. So very scrumptious!

I’ve rounded up some favourite renditions across Singapore.  Here are 20 waffles you should know:

1. Montana Brew Bar

best waffles singapore montana brew bar red velvet best waffles singapore montana brew bar mac cheese
It’s no secret that many are big on Montana Brew Bar. We’re already obsessed with their insanely good truffle Mac and Cheese waffle ($12.50) but their latest preoccupation is with their perfectly crisp Red Velvet Waffles ($11.50). They are so generous with the vanilla bean ice cream that the whole creation seems like it’s toppling.

People walk by this store without giving it much thought but they try it eventually because a friend recommended or because it has been going around social media looking sexy, photogenic and most importantly- tasty. Definitely one of the best waffles in Singapore which all our writers agree on.

Read our review on Montana Brew Bar.

Address: 1 Selegie Road, Singapore 188306 | Tel: 9833 1790

3. Whisk & Paddle


Rogue Fromage Waffle ($13.80)

At Whisk & Paddle, you could have your waffles sweet or savoury by Punggol waterway. There’s nothing like waffles with a view. For sweet waffles, go for the Rogue Fromage Waffle, especially if you’re a fan of cheesecake.

The waffles are fluffy and light so even with the cheesecake, it isn’t overburdening on the stomach. The fruits could have been sweeter but the Mövenpick ice cream made up for the sourness of the strawberries.


Smoked Salmon Benedict (served on waffles) ($13.00)

As for something more savoury, go for the Smoked Salmon Benedict. Served on waffles, this is a good breakfast option to have.

If you’re still stuck. Whisk & Paddle also has a really good selection of parfaits.


Cha Yen Krup ($9.80)

Everything, including the macaron, are made from scratch. I would imagine this would go really well with a plain waffle.

Whisk & Paddle: 10 Tebing Lane, Singapore 828836 | Opening Hours: Closed on Mondays; Tues – Fri, 3:30pm – 10:30pm; Sat & Sun, 9:30am – 10:30pm | Tel: 6242 4617 | Website

2. Chapter 55

best waffles singapore Chapter 55
Chapter 55 has 2 waffle options on their menu and the Salted Caramel Gelato Waffle ($14/$18.50) is one of them. The waffle here is delightfully crispy on the outside and light in the inside. The good folks here will set you up with a large scoop of gelato that is outmatched by the even more oversized fluffy waffle.

Waffle is topped with a flurry of icing sugar and a good amount of salted caramel sauce. Gelato lovers will appreciate the array of gelato options, such as lychee martini, black forest and their signature Mao Shan Wang gelato made from the king of fruit itself, no less.

Address: 55 Tiong Bahru Road, #01-37, Singapore 160055  | Tel:6221 2219

4. Hoopla Coffee and Kitchen

best waffles singapore Hoopla cafe
Hoopla Coffee and Kitchen offers its customers accompaniments to their new and improvised Classic Waffle + Single scoop of ice-cream ($7.50) : Salted caramel sauce, Maple sauce and Banana gula melaka sauce.

Not just any ice cream though, the earl grey ice cream recommended was the smoothest and yummiest ever and has a very distinct flavour. The chopped nuts adds a delightful tasty note.

Address: 21 Media Cir, Singapore 138563 | Tel: 6778 0051

5. Les Patisseries

best waffles singapore Les patisseries
One of the most honest and simple cafes popped up in the heart of Toa Payoh last year. Les Patisseries serves waffles that are incredibly good value for money. The Horffles ($9.90), is served with 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream, horlick powder, horlick sauce, toasted almonds and fresh berries.

The exterior of the waffle is crispy and the inside gives a nice chewy bite. Horlick itself is not overly sweet and complements the vanilla ice-cream and original base waffle very well. You might also want to try their Waffle Isphan – A rose based waffle served with sorbet (yes,sorbet!) that is lighter and more refreshing.

Address: 222 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574354 | Tel: 9744 0504

6. Revelry Cafe

best waffles singapore revelry cafe
The recommended Chicken and Waffle ($16) is of a tasty doughy crispiness, covered by a perfectly fried chicken. This is accompanied by a shot of maple syrup to drizzle over the whole creation. Slice the waffle into half and you will find almond nuts for the added texture.

This is a waffle I will travel for miles (From East to West) to try. Chicken waffle mission is a real thing and Revelry Cafe is definitely something to experience.  On the sweet side, try On Cloud Nine. Hint: Cotton candy. Fluffy cotton candy.

Address: 21 Lor Kilat, Singapore 598123 | Tel: 9278 0466

7. Roosevelt’s Diner and Bar

best waffles singapore roosevelt's diner

The Salted Caramel Waffle ($12) here is crisp enough to withstand the overzealous salted caramel sauce and is my favourite amongst their 7 sweet and savory options. If you’d fancy a waffle for dinner, order the Truffle Scrambled Egg Waffles ($16) that is overpowered, in a good sense, with the earthy truffle fragrance. It smells good and tastes absolutely great.

Read our review on Roosevelt’s Diner and Bar.

Address: 331 New Bridge Road, #01-02 Dorsett Residences, Singapore 088764 | Tel: 6538 3518

8. On the Table 

best waffles singapore on the table
This is a laid back little gem tucked along Pasir Panjang and is on our list that offers a wonderful waffle experience. The Waffle + Single Scoop ($8) comes thin and does not look like much but you will be sold after the single bite. It makes a perfect after dinner treat.

Best of all, they have a wide range of ice-cream flavours and some have an interesting narrative behind them. Ask the wait staffs  behind the counter for the story!

Address: 118 Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore 118541 | Tel: 6681 6547

9. Twenty Grammes

best waffles singapore twenty grammes
Twenty Grammes has 2 waffle options and their Froyo on Waffle ($12.50) worked better for us. The waffles arrived with a generous serve of froyo, fresh berries and a milk chocolate and pure maple syrup sauce.

The sauce was a perfected ratio of chocolate and maple syrup and goes delightfully well with the froyo and waffle. It thickened nicely on the plate and I wiped it clean with the waffle.

Address: 753 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198721 | Tel: 6717 1733

10. Hatter Street

best waffles singapore hatter street
Nothing is what it seems at the idiosyncratic Hatter Street, especially when their waffle won us over instead of their intended signature dish -Homemade Brownies. The waffle here is unlike the usual fluffy kinds and is served with local flavours such as Gula Melaka Sauce and Pandan Ice Cream.

I’m glad that Hatter Street is lavishing just as much attention on their waffles now seeing that it is so highly raved by many. The Pandan Ice Cream Waffles with Gula Melaka ($8.90) is a hot favourite!

Address: 212 Hougang Street 21 #01-333 Singapore 530212 | Tel: 6988 4591

11. Rabbit Owl Depot

best waffles singapore rabbit owl depot

Photo: @JazryChan

Rabbit Owl Depot’s Snowflake Waffle ($6.50 onwards) is comparatively smaller to the usual round ones, served in most cafes. However, it makes for a perfect dessert treat rightfully so because of its size. If you fancy Thai Coconut Ice Cream, you can get your fix here with waffles.

Address: 420 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188727 | Tel: 6336 4075

12. Creamier 

best waffles singapore creamier
If you already know that Creamier is a go-to for great and affordable ice-cream, it should come as no surprise that it is also a go-to for waffle indulgences.

Many agree that the waffle here rank high on the waffle billboard. Crisp and golden on the outside, warm and soft within. Prices here are from $6.00 onwards.

Address: 128 Lor 1 Toa Payoh, Singapore 310128 | Tel: 6250 1476

13. Stranger’s Reunion

best waffles singapore stranger's reunion

Stranger’s Reunion keeps their toppings simple-sliced fresh fruits and a scoop of ice-cream served alongside a browned and buoyant buttermilk waffle ($8.50). You may also choose to have it with greek yogurt.

Address: 35 Kampong Bahru Rd, Singapore 169356 | Tel No: 6222 4869

14. The Cold Pantry


best waffles singapore cold pantry
We learn something new about cooking everyday- whether it’s coming up with a new pairing or developing the classics. Of course there’s a corollary to this: The more one improvises, the more one realizes that existing products can be made more interesting. Such is the creation of Charcoal Vanilla Ice Cream with Root Beer Sauce Waffle ($12.50). Yes, root beer sauce.  Waffle here is towards the ‘cakey’ side. Try it, this one makes for a good photography subject. 

Address: 88 Rangoon Rd, Singapore 218374 |  Facebook

15. Wimbly Lu

wimbly lu waffle-2712

Wimbly Lu prides themselves the purveyors of desserts and their waffles are no exception. On their menu you’ll find no-frill Waffles with Maple syrup and Butter ($6). Nothing fancy. With 1 scoop of ice cream will set you back $8.50.

Don’t be disappointed with the lackluster-looking waffle because the waffle itself tastes really good. Plus, you will probably order something else from their extensive dessert options before heading home. That full-on sugar high can’t be avoided after all.

Address: 15-2 Jalan Riang, Singapore 358987 | Tel: 6289 1489

16. Fatcat Ice Cream Bar

best waffles singapore charcoal salted egg waffle
This cafe (or Ice Cream Bar as they have named themselves) may have made it onto the must visit list with their artisan plated desserts but it’s their Charcoal Waffles with Salted Egg Sauce ($6 without Ice Cream) that is undoubtedly keeping them there. We just love salted-egg anything, don’t we?

The salty-sweetness of Fatcat’s salted egg sauce and ice-cream meet their match with a soft and fluffy waffle. But, it’s the unique ice-cream flavours (read: Beer Butter and Honey Hay) that make their waffle unforgettable.

Address: 416 Bedok North Avenue 2, #01-25, Singapore 460416 | Tel: 6241 0831

17. Bunny & Pony

best waffles singapore bunny and pony
You have to hand it to Bunny & Pony. They know their waffles, even though the size of the scoop of ice-cream is rather disappointing. The Waffle with a scoop of Ice Cream ($8) I had was a perfect crisp on the outside with a darker finish.

However, any additional minute on the waffle iron and it will tip over to being burnt. If consistency is maintained, the waffle here is definitely worth a try.

Address: Blk 1 Changi Village Road #01-2000, Singapore 500001 | Tel: 9747 7778

18. Pick Me Up Cafe

Pick Me Up Cafe is very family and animal friendly, not to mention noise and mess tolerant. A great place to go to chill and relax. They offer 5 different waffle options and step up their waffle game by offering Manuka Honey Waffle ($15.90) with greek yogurt gelato and organic honeycomb.

This one will sit well with the more health conscious souls. Waffle here is towards the soft, chewy and moist kind. If you like crispy waffles, this is not for you.

Address: Parkland @ ECP | Blk 1A Unit 02, 920 East Coast Parkway,#01-02, Singapore 449875 | Tel: 9820 2032

19. Sunday Folks

best waffles singapore sunday folk
If you are looking to play it safe, and have already had Creamier won you over, you would appreciate the Waffle with Soft Serve ($8.80) here at Sunday Folks. There is only one type of waffle here but a variety of soft serve flavours. Go slightly before their opening hours to avoid the queue.

Address: 44 Jalan Merah Saga, Singapore  278116 | Tel: 6479 9166

20. Assembly Coffee 

best waffles singapore assembly coffee
The Buttermilk Waffle ($11.50) here is on point and expectations beyond met. It is crisp enough on the outside and so very fluffy on the inside. The flavour, the taste, the ice cream and the texture are all great! You can’t really fault this simple and honest waffle from Assembly Coffee.

Address: 26 Evans Rd, Singapore 259367 | Tel: 6735 5647

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