Wildfire Kitchen + Bar: Singapore Food Review

“Burgers and Steaks are all you need”

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Clustered along the likes of Assembly Coffee and Mr. Prata, Wildfire Kitchen + Bar certainly brings its A-game as it introduces a flurry of burgers leaving one salivating for more.

Apart from its dignified charcoal-grilled patties which are prepared in their signature INKA closed door grill, Wildfire also offers a vast range of Signature Craft Beers; including 3 select draught beers which are also available on tap, as pairing options to intricately concocted burgers.

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Much thought has been put into both interior and exterior areas of this joint as it feels more spacious and modern compared to its predecessor Hatched.

As we entered Wildfire, we soon found ourselves in line waiting to place our orders. For a moment, it felt like we were in a regular fast food joint; up till the point when a fellow patron had walked up to the counter and exchanged his buzzer for delectable-looking burger.

Distracted by the array of burgers being served up, it didn’t feel like very long before it was our turn to place our orders.

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Wildfire’s indoor dining area offers both low and high seating options while the outdoor area is kept simple adding a relatively laid back vibe to it.

wildfire kitchen bar sriracha chicken pops

Sriracha Chicken Glazed Pops ($13)

Crispy Chicken Chunks with the classic American hot Sauce.

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Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs ($13)

We started off with a side chicken pops and meatballs and it soon became apparent that the appetizingly sweet and mildly spicy bite-sized chicken pops quickly overshadowed the house made mozzarella stuffed meatballs.

Wildfire boasts a selection of 11 different burgers which are cooked to the chef’s recommended doneness (medium to medium-rare as it seems); an effort to ensure a consistent gastronomical experience. Each burger is served with a side of fries which tastes pretty good even if they do turn cold.

Being the common staple for these burgers, the buns here taste as good as they look as they are specially baked by an artisan French patisserie. Filled with a buttery zing, the buns are baked to a crisp golden brown whilst retaining its soft and spongy texture on the inside.

wildfire kitchen bar blackmore wagyu burger

Blackmore Wagyu ($26)

The coupling of a premium-grade steak into a burger had me questioning if it was a total waste of such good produce. As it turns out, I realized that my concerns were unfounded the second I took my first chew into this.

The succulence of the patty was kept intact with the clever use of a lettuce leaf; which kept the residual steak juices from being absorbed into the bun. On the whole, I enjoyed this burger but felt that the cheddar had muffled the full flavors of the wagyu.

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The Works ($23)

This has the traits of a perfect burger in the making! I mean.. without mentioning the rest of the ingredients; don’t you think it will be hard to turn down a stacked combination of  Caramelized Onions, a Sunny Side Up egg, Bacon Weave, Guacamole, a Juicy Beef Patty and a slice of Parmesan Crisp? In any case, I particularly enjoyed this burger combination and would recommend that you try it on your next visit.

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Chili Con Carne ($19)

If you’re looking for a burger with a spicy edge to it, this is the burger for you! The Chili Con Carne and Jalapenos, accompanied with the Guacamole and sour cream packs a decent punch. I would have preferred this to be spicier than what it was, but i guess that’s really just a matter of preference and can be easily fixed.

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The Hangar Steak ($36) 250g.

Known for its full bold beef flavor, the Hangar cut is a personal favourite amongst secondary cuts, tasting even better than the conventional sirlions and ribeyes if done right. For those familiar with cooking a Hangar Steak, you’d find that it is challenging to achieve an even texture throughout the slab of meat due to its long narrow nature.

Wildfire does a near-exemplary job on its Hangar steak achieving a crusty finish whilst maintaining an optimal level of tenderness. My only qualm remains with the side of spinach that comes with the steak as it does little to compliment the entire dish. Still, you gotta have your vitamins.

The Hangar steak is the only steak left on the menu at Wildfire, as they start to concentrate more on burgers. This one and only steak is nothing but spectacular though.

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To me, the pairing of burgers and beers has always been a match made in heaven. Most beers, depending on the level of carbonation, have a way of cleansing your palate of the lingering unctuous meat and this prepares you for your next bite.

Of the beers that we sampled, I found the Platinum Ale ($9) the most enjoyable as it wasn’t too overpowering in taste which went well with the burgers.

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Options for dessert here are limited if you are craving for a sweet treat after your main course. For what its worth, ice cream sandwich cookies (from an external vendor) are available in an assortment of flavours at $6 a pop.

If I had to choose, I’d go for the butterscotch bacon one which I found to be pretty unique as the bits of bacon in the cookies went interestingly well with the butterscotch ice cream. The English Earl cookie is also pretty intense.

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Although Wildfire may be located in a slightly secluded area, a food-scapade here would very much be well worth your time. With promise of more burgers to come, I must say that I will be back for seconds to indulge in their promising new additions in the future.

Expected Damage: $25 – $40 per pax

Wildfire Kitchen + Bar: 26 Evans Roads, Singapore 259367 | Tel: 6734 2080 | Website