Wildseed Cafe & Bar: Take Refuge In This Beautiful Cafe At Seletar Aerospace Park Featuring An Edible Garden


Now, here’s a good reason for you to venture up to the Seletar Aerospace Park. Having recently been redeveloped, the industrial area is now home to the Wildseed Cafe and Bar, which is part of The Summerhouse.

Offering everything from freshly roasted coffee supplied by Nomad the Gallant to handcrafted gourmet sandwiches and freshly baked pastries, one can easily while their afternoon away at this quaint garden cafe. Come night time, you can even indulge in delectable bar bites as well as nature-inspired cocktails.


Incorporating a farm-to-table concept into the cafe, the idea was conceived by Chef Florian Ridder who uses ingredients from the edible garden on site. With the belief that every element in the garden serves its own purpose, Ridder utilises most of harvest as garnishes in his dishes.


As soon as you enter the cafe, you will be greeted by lots of greenery and potted plants, courtesy of Poppy Flora Studio.

We had the pleasure of delighting in Wildseed’s gourmet sandwiches, which are served with rye or sourdough bread and stuffed to the brim with the freshest condiments, all hand-picked by the chef himself.


To start with, we had The Morocano ($18), which comprises of ingredients that are entirely made from scratch. In fact, everything from the braised beef brisket to the eggplant stew and hummus is made in-house except for the feta cheese.  

According to the chef, the beef brisket is braised for three days with spices such as coriander, cinnamon and star anise. Then infused with chilli padi, ginger and garlic to give it a robust flavour. That certainly explains why the meat boasted a delicious tenderness that pulled apart easily upon each bite.

Baked till soft and marinated with coriander and chilli padi before being slow cooked with tomato reduction, the egg plant stew also added a rich texture to the sandwich that seeped into the rye bread.


I’m not usually one for vegetarian sandwiches but I loved what they did with the Independent Uruguay ($15). Featuring carrot pesto, feta cheese, pickled beetroot, falafel, Kranji lettuce and yoghurt sauce packed into two halves of a rye bread, I would totally forgo eating meat for this colourful and vibrant sandwich.

Paying careful attention to the preparation of the ingredients, the carrots are steamed and marinated with garlic, chilli padi and tomato reduction to induce a fresh sweetness. The falafel patty was also made from scratch with deep-fried ground chick-peas, green peas and some herbs.

The wholesome flavours coupled with natural sweetness from the carrot and beetroot added more depth to the overall taste. 


Next, we were served the Pork & Krauts ($15), which consists of pork collar, cabbage, cucumber salad, nuts and yoghurt sauce. Cured and brine, each shred of the pork collar had a succulent juiciness that retained just the right amount of saltiness. The crunchy vegetables served as a nice contrast to the soft and tender meat.


As a snack, we also had the Deep Fried Hollandaise Balls ($11 ala carte, $5 as an add-on). Filled with hollandaise sauce that bursts from the crisp exterior upon each bite, this was seriously an addictive appetiser.


Moving on to the pastries, we went for the Pea Flower Coconut Muffin ($6.50). Not only is the muffin aesthetically-pleasing, but it also has a local twist baked into it. 


Hidden within the muffin is a Gula Melaka coconut filling that is reminiscent of a Nyonya kueh. While I was afraid that the blue hue of the muffin might induce too sweet a taste, it wasn’t overwhelmingly so. In fact, most of the sweetness came from the Gula Melaka itself. 


Baked on site, the Honey Lemon Rosemary Tart ($6.50) features a lovely lemon curd that has hints of honey in it. This is accompanied by subtle bits of rosemary from within the tart shell.


The Citronella Passionfruit Cheesecake ($6.50) had a smooth and creamy texture, as every cheesecake should. What’s different about this though, is the lemongrass essence that is woven into the soft cake. The nuts on top gave it a nice crunch, as well.


A double shot of espresso and a bit of milk is just what I needed to go with the desserts, so I ordered the Gibraltar Latte ($4.50), with coffee beans roasted by Nomad the Gallant Coffee Roaster. Their brews never disappoint so I was intensely satisfied with this.


Of course, we couldn’t leave without first sampling some of Wildseed’s signature cocktails. Needless to say, the Kaya Martini ($21) was a standout pick from the menu because I’ve never had anything like it. I was impressed by the consistency of the concoction and surprised by how well the kaya blended in with the gin.


I’m always a fan of flavoured teas so ordering the Chai Masala ($21) was definitely a no-brainer. If, like me, you appreciate a good cup of tea and at the same time, can’t pass up an alcoholic beverage, this would definitely be the perfect combination for you.


An invigorating blend, the Beetroot Hibiscus Sling ($21) is freshly made with Grey Goose vodka, Rosella Cherry Brandy, Chambered liquor, and of course, beetroot and hibiscus. Indeed, this served as a refreshing end to our meal!


Surround yourself with nature and treat yourself to beautifully crafted pastries and sandwiches at Wildseed before indulging in some of their original cocktails, and I guarantee that you’re in for a real treat. I’m sure there is truly no better way to unwind from a hectic work week than spending the afternoon here with good food and some company. 

Expected Damage: $30++ per pax 

Wildseed: 3 Park Lane, Singapore 798387 | Cafe Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday (10am – 10pm), Saturday & Sunday (9am – 7pm), Closed on Mondays | Bar Opening Hours: Tuesday – Thursday & Sunday (4pm – 10pm), Friday & Saturday (4pm – 11pm) | Tel: 6262 1063 | Website