Gigantic Woodlands pasar malam has over 50 stalls, carnival rides, taro cookies & mentaiko rosti

In my opinion, Woodlands always has the best pasar malams in the whole of Singapore, and this month, Woodgrove Pasar Malam 2023 once again proves me right.

woodgrove pasar malam - entrance

This gigantic pasar malam, located right next to Woodlands MRT station, houses over 50 Food & Beverage (F&B) stalls, a large dining area, an Uncle Ringo carnival section, claw machines and a shopping area.

Woodgrove Pasar Malam 2023 will be happening from 1 Jun to 31 Jun, and will open from 12pm to 11pm daily.

woodgrove pasar malam - seating

The spacious dining area contains many tables and seats for visitors to dine comfortably. There are even sakura trees and colourful giant neon signages as decoration!

woodgrove pasar malam - uncle ringo

The Uncle Ringo carnival, located in the outdoor area of the pasar malam, has rides like a Pirate Ship, Carousel and even Bumper Cars. Each attraction ranges from S$6 to S$12 per pax.

The food lover in me was thrilled to peruse the rows and rows of F&B stalls, including pasar malam staples like stinky tofu, twist potatoes, Taiwanese fried chicken, takoyaki and Thai tea.

However, I was also surprised to see more unique selections available, such as Chub Tutu, a stall with unique tutu kueh flavours like lobster salad and yuzu sesame salmon!

Understated pasar malam in Boon Lay has stalls with chuan chuan & stinky tofu till 12 Jun 2023

woodgrove pasar malam - perghh

Another stall that caught my eye was Perghh, a Halal-certified drinks stall selling 1L cups of mocktails and milk tea, with drinks of every colour of the rainbow. The Poison Ivy mocktail (S$5), made with pineapple and green apple, tasted like a less-sweet version of Slurpee.

woodgrove pasar malam - taro cookies

As a big fan of taro, I had to try Stall 39’s Taro Cookies (S$3 for 2 pieces), which were essentially deep-fried biscuits sandwiching taro paste, covered in sesame seeds. I found the taro paste to be a bit too mild in taste, with the nutty sesame seeds overpowering its earthy flavours, but still enjoyed the treat nonetheless.

woodgrove pasar malam - food

Multiple stalls were selling twist potatoes, but we opted to try the ones from Stall 24. Each Twist Potato cost S$3.50 and were available in the flavours of Nacho Cheese, Mayonnaise, BBQ, Chilli and Seaweed.

The Chilli Twist Potato had a nice light spice to it, but we found that the Seaweed Twist Potato was too salty and hence harder to finish.

woodgrove pasar malam - stalls

Wondering what other food options await you at Woodgrove Pasar Malam 2023? Grab some rosti in flavours like mentaiko and mala from Spuds Shack’s stall, or Taiwanese-style egg-wrapped sausage pancakes from Super Pancake.

For those with a sweet tooth, Stall 41 will be sure to delight you with its loaded Hong Kong Waffles, topped with mixed fruits, sweets and sauces.

Regardless of your tastes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Woodgrove Pasar Malam 2023.

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Woodgrove Pasar Malam 2023

30 Woodlands Avenue 2, Singapore 738343

Woodgrove Pasar Malam 2023

30 Woodlands Avenue 2, Singapore 738343

Operating Hours: 12pm - 11pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 12pm - 11pm (Daily)