Understated pasar malam in Boon Lay has stalls with chuan chuan & stinky tofu till 12 Jun 2023

The newest pasar malam in Boon Lay has everything to satisfy your post-work cravings. Conveniently located just across from Boon Lay Shopping Centre and a stone’s throw away from the ActiveSG Hockey Village Gym, you don’t have to travel very far to get your pasar malam fix.

Don’t let its modest one-street exterior fool you, the Boon Lay pasar malam has more to it than meets the eye.

Boon Lay Pasar Malam - Stalls

Though not the biggest, the newest pasar malam in Boon Lay does, in fact, pack quite the punch. It has over 20 stalls, including pasar malam staples like the good ole Chinese fried food stall selling fried oyster cakes and even a store selling stinky tofu!

To my surprise as I walked, inconspicuously tucked away at the back of the stalls was a collection of arcade claw game booths. I guess this pasar malam’s got you covered on all ends.

Boon Lay Pasar Malam - Stinky Tofu Store

An immediate show-stopper would be the Stinky Tofu from Zha Chuan Wang Guo (炸串王国).

Boon Lay Pasar Malam - Stinky Tofu

From a couple stalls away, we could already smell the intense, pungent smell that characterises the dish. Without a single price list or menu, we took the plunge and ordered a bowl of Stinky Tofu (S$5).

Despite how strong it seemed initially, the smell of the Stinky Tofu was not at all overpowering when we ate it. It, in fact, went extremely well with the light, airy exterior of the crisp tofu and juicy, flavourful interior. The chilli powder made with a Sichuan pepper mix was tangy and refreshing, minimising any unpleasant taste from the Stinky Tofu.

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Boon Lay Pasar Malam - Chuan

The same stall, reflecting its name — “Chuan Chuan Kingdom”— also sold chuan chuan, so we got some, too. Each vegetable stick was S$1.50, while meats were S$2 per stick.

Boon Lay Pasar Malam - Chuan Chuan

The deep fried skewers had a brilliant golden hue, and had an incredibly inviting aroma. They were covered in the same chilli powder as the Stinky Tofu and had the same tangy and refreshing chilli taste. The Enoki wrapped Pork Chuan Chuan were especially juicy and had an incredible texture.

Boon Lay Pasar Malam - Coconut Water

After eating all the fried food, it can get a little jelak so why not cool down with some refreshing Coconut Water (S$5 for Large and S$3 for Small) from Xiao Shao Ye?

For one litre, S$5 is great bang for your buck, though I do wish there was more coconut flesh in the drink. But the Coconut Water provided the much needed relief from the heat, so I can’t really complain.

Boon Lay Pasar Malam - Otah

For all the otah lovers, The Boon Lay pasar malam also has Ikan 1986, a stall selling 7 different flavours of freshly made bite-sized otah. Choose from a variety of seafood like fresh Scallop (5 for S$4.90), Crab (S$4.90) and Original (5 for S$3.90).

Shiok and with a sweet-spicy tingle, their Sambal Otah was perfectly cooked without a hint of fishiness.

Boon Lay Pasar Malam - Claw Games

In case you’re looking to game at Boon Lay pasar malam, don’t miss out on the back end of the bazaar!

With an assortment of game booths and claw game machines, try your hand at snagging the cutest plushies for yourself or your loved ones.

Boon Lay Pasar Malam - Street view

If you so happen to pass by the area between now till 12 Jun 2023, don’t dismiss the Boon Lay pasar malam for its tiny facade!

Be sure to drop by for your fill of meat, refreshing drinks and delicious fried food.

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Boon Lay Pasar Malam

Block 207 Boon Lay Place, Singapore 640207

Boon Lay Pasar Malam

Block 207 Boon Lay Place, Singapore 640207