Three Restaurants Celebrate World Dumpling Day By Adding Impossible Dumplings To Their Menus

Last Updated: October 2, 2019

Written by Hendrick Yeo

Did you know that 26 September 2019 is World Dumpling Day? To commemorate this unique day that celebrates dumplings, Singapore’s independent Asian restaurants; Dumpling Darlings, Sum Yi Tai and Chi Kinjo will be adding exclusive Impossible™ meat dumplings to their menus.  

Vegans, vegetarians, and even meat-lovers, should definitely check out these newly-launched dumplings from these restaurants. 


For those who fancy savoury flavours and love curry, this one’s for you! Check out ‘Impossible™ Curry Momo’, which is by Dumpling Darling, a delightful dumpling spot in the Central Business District (CBD).  

Impossible Dumplings 1

This plate of dumplings includes smoked paprika, caramelised onions, charred cauliflower, curry spice, Impossible™ meat, and lastly labneh that complemented the ‘Impossible™ Curry Momo’

The dish is priced at S$10 with five pan-fried dumplings, which is perfect to share with a group of friends. 

Impossible Dumplings 2

Those looking for dumplings with a spicy Szechuan kick, visit Sum Yi Tai to satisfy your mala cravings. This fiery dish is their ‘Impossible™ Mala Dumpling’, that is accompanied with their housemade fiery Chinese mala sauce.

This dish definitely does have a spicy kick, as I sweated profusely when I had some of the ‘Impossible™ Mala Dumpling’.

The ‘Impossible™ Mala Dumpling’ has six pieces on its dish, and priced at S$14.

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Chope Reservations
Impossible Dumplings 3

Last but not least, we have ‘The Impossible™ Encounter’ from Chi Kinjo. 

The ‘The Impossible™ Encounter’  is filled with sweet carrots and dill, crunchy tofu, Impossible™ meat and paired with a spicy tomato dip.

Priced at just S$15, the six-piece serving is not to be missed, with sweet and savoury flavours that are harmonious when it enters your mouth. 

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Chope Reservations

These Impossible™ dumplings will be available from 26 September 2019 onwards at Sum Yi Tai and Chi Kinjo for a limited time only, meanwhile, for Dumpling Darlings, it will be on their permanent menu starting 1 October 2019.

Let the Impossible™ become a reality. Get your hands on these Impossible™ dumplings now!

Dates & Times: Available from 26 September 2019 onwards for a limited time only (Sum Yi Tai and Chi Kinjo), from 1 October 2019 onwards (Dumpling Darlings)

Prices: S$10 – S$15 per dish

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