Are you team Yakult or team Vitagen? Meme on reddit sparks yoghurt drink discourse

Amongst the many things that mark a very Singaporean childhood, growing up on yoghurt drinks in hopes of a healthier gut might probably be familiar to many. Now the question of whether your household is team Yakult or team Vitagen though, is an entirely different matter.

Meme posted by a reddit user

Yesterday, on the r/Singapore reddit thread, this meme popped up, making the bold claim that Yakult is the superior yoghurt drink amongst the two. And while both brands have a good number of supporters in their corner, other contenders entered the ring through the form of comments under the thread.

Screenshot From Reddit

“Wait til you find out about Betagen,” wrote user homar1dz. Betagen is a cultured milk drink originating from Thailand, as some frequent travellers might already recognise, marked by essential supermarket runs whenever they’re in the +66.

Betagen Cultured Drink

Some others didn’t appear to be fans of any beverage in the yoghurt drink category, citing kefir as their weapon of choice. Kefir, as many health food buffs might be well-acquainted with, is a cultured, fermented milk drink that originated from the mountainous region between Asia and Europe. It has the consistency of thin yoghurt and is made of kefir grains. Again, netizens are split into camps about this drink, but if you ask me? I could probably do without.

Packaged Vitagen

Circling back to the age old question, “Yakult or Vitagen?” is probably a Singaporean’s equivalent of “coffee or tea?”—a couple of users took to the comments to express their thoughts on Yakult being a tad too sweet on the palate.

Packaged Yakult

In true Singaporean fashion, some are on the fence about either, but would purchase Vitagen simply because there are more promotions such as discounts and free gifts held by the brand. And a Singaporean who has absolutely zero brand loyalty and goes where discounts take them is a Singaporean after my own heart.

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