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“Defining Indian Cuisine”

yantra singapore indian fine dining

Award winning restaurant Yantra is adding in a healthy, modern twist to it’s Indian cuisine menu along side its old favorites. Yantra balances the art of authentic North Indian dishes with its rich tapestry of Indian cultural aesthetics. Fresh, hand-picked spices are flown in direct from India as well.

yantra restaurant tanglin A much classier setting than the usual Indian restaurants you experience in Singapore, Yantra sits up to 240 guests with it’s elegant dining area as well as alfreso facilities. Perfect for corporate evens or large family functions.

We started off dinner with some cocktails from Soma bar within the restaurant, and the idea was to combine Indian spices with cocktails.

yantra tandoori mojito

Tandoori Mojito ($14). Made with Tandoori pineapples, mint, white rum.  The roasted pineapple presents a sharp sweet and sour flavour with a dash of bitterness, while you can still taste the signature mint that compliments a mojito. Refreshing and not too sweet.

yantra cocktail soma bar

Mango gimlet ($14). Green mango syrup cooked in masala and cumin, gin, lime juice and Tabasco. A good thick flavour that blends well with a subtle masala saltiness. Very well-balanced cocktail, and I must say the cocktails at Yantra have really succeeded in their quest of a modern Indian-style alcoholic drinks list; very impressed.

yantra condimentsCondiments on the table include mint chutney, pickled onions and mixed pickles. The Yoghurt with fresh mint and spices in the chutney is good for pairing with the spicy dishes to dampen the heat level if spiciness is not your forte.

1st Course

yantra singapore aloo tikki chana chaat

 Aloo Tiki Chana Chaat ($19). Crisp fried potato patties, served with spiced chick peas, sweet yogurt, mint chutney and Yantra seasonings. A melody of crisp textures with wet sauces and heavy contrasting flavours.

2nd Course

Note that the following dishes are in tasting portions and smaller than the actual order.


Murgh Kali Mirch ($34). Chicken morsels marinated in a mix of chili paste, garlic and ginger with crushed pepper. The meat is really soft from the long marination and has a hearty taste.

Lal Mirch Ka Paneer ($29). Cottage cheese marinated with pounded red chili, filled with fresh mint and mixed pckles glazed in a clay oven. This was extremely spicy even with the mint in the middle to sooth the spice.

Mahi Macchi Tikka ($39). Grilled fresh salmon marinated with a combination of lemongrass, yoghurt, cashew and ginger. This was a bit dry but otherwise with good marinated flavours and that refreshing lemongrass subtleness.

The next dish puts on a little flambe show table side for that extra visual pleasure.




Raan-e-Yantra ($63). Tender baby leg of lam, embraced in an earthy marinade of yogurt and Yantra seasonings. Served flambeed with fennel and flavoured rum. The lamb has a tender, anise and smoked flavour to it after being slow cooked in a dum pot for around 6-8hrs.

The flamed rum not only looks spectacular, but brings out a bit more intensity of the spices used.

3rd Course

yantra- Vilayati Sabzi Miloni

Vilayati Sabzi Miloni ($32). Assortment of bell peppers, brocoli, mushroom asparagus and zucchini tossed in onion tomato masala, finsihed withcrushed cumin, coriander and chili flakes. A use of English vegetables for a modern take on this Indian dish.

yantra singapore Bengali Macchi Curry

Bengali Macchi Curry ($39). Fresh cod fish steeped in Bengali curry, tempered with mustard seed and bay leaves. A strong curry flavoured fish that also goes well as a dip with naan.

yantra singapore Chicken Bharta

Chicken Bharta ($40). Shredded chicken cooked with mild spices in flavoursome gravy spiked with fresh coriander and bell peppers. One of the signatures in Yantra and very easy to share amongst diners.

yantra singapore restaurant Dhuan Gosht

Dhuan Gosht ($41). Lamb cubes dry roasted in a pan with freshly pounded spices and cooked overnight over slow charcoal fire and smoked with cloves. The charcoal within really emphasizes the smokiness, but was a bit dry for me. Milder tasting herbs as compared to the lamb leg.

yantra restaurant Murgh Dum Biryani singapore

Murgh Dum Biryani ($38). Hyderabadi style dum biryani cooked with extra long grain basmati rice, spices and marinated chicken. Hyderabadi cuisine is a princely legacy of the Nizams of Hyderabad state, concentrating on carefully chosen ingredients cooked at precise temperatures and timing.

A traditional biryani with strong spices, and also wetter in texture. The rice is cooked within dough so flavours concentrate on the chicken and steamed rice.

yantra tanglin Brown Rice

Brown Rice, mushroom and Asparagus Pulao ($28). Basmati rice tossed with fresh buton mushrooms and asparagus. Another amalgamation of western ingredients and Indian cooking, this is a new modern dish that Yantra has introduced in a healthier direction.

yantra Garlic Naan

yantra Laccha Ajwaini Naan

From top: Garlic Naan ($9), Laccha Ajwaini Naan – Carom Seed ($9). If you aren’t filling full yet, gorge on homemade naan bread together with the various curry and gravies.

4th Course

yantra Kulfi on The go

Kulfi on The Go ($15). Indian homemade milk ice cream served on a stick. The ice cream has a tad more water content and isn’t as smooth as typical ice creams, resembling a milk popsicle encased in a  strawberry white chocolate shell. Also comes in other flavours like strawberry, lemon and pistachio.



Yantra Gold Blend tea. Specially made in collaboration with Gryphon, this is a white darjeeling tea that has a muscat flavour and a fruity fragrant on the nose with edible gold flakes. Smooth and a very nice palate cleanser from all the heavy spices.

yantra award winning restaurant singapore

The dining experience extends to an open-concept kitchen where you can see the chefs orchestra their work, preparing tandoori dishes and whipping up freshly made breads.

Authentic North Indian cuisine with excellent service, Yantra is one of the few outstanding fine-dining Indian restaurants in Singapore that will wow you with not only the food, but with its intimate interior as well.

Yantra is also available on The Entertainer App, which gives 1-for-1 main course dining privileges.

Expected Damage: $60 -$80 per pax

Yantra Restaurant: 163 Tanglin Rd, #01-28/33 Tanglin Mall, 247933 | Tel: 6836 3088 | Website