Yellow Brick Road: Kuala Lumpur Cafe Review

Typical Ambience, Awesome Cafe Food.

Yellow Brick road outside

Imagine this to be the Wimbly Lu of Singapore, Yellow Brick Road is similarly hidden in the recluse near a series of bungalows. The place is a 5 minute turn from the expressway, and exists with a few other cafes/bars as a cluster on its own away from the residential area.

It however did not really pick up much on the Yellow brick theme reminiscent with the Wizard of Oz, The place adopts a very atypical hipster theme with the cafes of KL. Wooden tables, medicine bottles to hold bottles of water etc. I did however quite like the touch of Sunflowers to liven the place up. The ambience is not exceptional but good enough to chill a lazy Saturday afternoon away

We got right down to the food in our time here and ordered just 3 items. The iced matcha latte (12 RM) was really thick with a really light taste of powdered matcha. Decent enough given the price range, nothing too much to shoutabout.

chickity chicken

Check out the chickity chinese chicken (20 RM) from Wicked Pancake Parlour. It is essentially the same place on the second level under the same management that is responsible for their pancake dishes. Its just another marketing gimmick really.

The chicken pieces are soaked in a thick butter cream sauce with a really light curry taste. The pancakes are made light and fluffy with the sweet factor very well nuked so the dish will taste a lot more coherent.

Green pea mash was surprisingly sweet and acts as a very refreshing interlude between the heavier aspects of the dish. This has got to be one of my favorite savory desserts, they took a standard dessert, switched up the form and made it taste like a savory dish.

Some might feel that it misses the point but I like it this way instead of all that absurd dessert savory mix option that ends up tasting like a confused mess.


We had the I love kaya toast (22 RM) too – Grapes, pears and strawberries alike are poached and soaked in a thin caramel sauce, sandwiched between 2 pieces of lightly butterd toast with some mascarpone cheese to the side. They even enrich the kaya further with caramel to make it more viscous and thick.

Poached fruits are key in preventing this dish from ending up too heavy. While they may be poached, the fruits still have a little bit in them topped off with the garnish of nuts. Try not to use all the kaya sauce though I personally found it a tad too sweet even with all the other factors in place, just use half the serving given.

The toast has sufficient crunch, and the desserts and sauce enough oomph to make this dish especially memorable.


Yellow Brick Road was one of the many cafes we went on our KL trip to compile the best of the best in a guide and sadly we could not stay to try more on the menu.

It is however one of the few cafes that stood out for its impressive quality and superb dishes and certainly should you be making a trip down, one that deserves your visit in your time at KL.

Expected Damage: 30RM – 40RM per pax

Address: 50490, 7, Jalan Batai, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Opening Hours: 9am -5pm (Sun to Thurs) 9am -10pm (Friday to Sun)