First-of-its-kind YUN NANS Stonepot Fish concept opening at Northpoint City

In recent times, Singapore has seen an influx of Chinese eateries hailing from China. To add to the list, the world’s largest casual Yunnan restaurant chain from China is introducing YUN NANS Stonepot Fish to our shores at Northpoint City, which will be opening on 5 November 2022— mark your calendars!

YUN NANS Stonepot Fish - signage

This concept was first inaugurated in China with four hour-long queues being formed. Live fishes are pressure-steamed in a stone pot made of natural granite, producing a heartwarming pot of fresh, collagen-rich fish soup that’s bursting with natural sweetness!

YUN NANS Stonepot Fish - stone pot

Imported from Yunnan, each granite stone pot is exclusively handmade for YUN NANS. Not only does the granite stone pot have an even heat distribution, it also retains heat for a long time. During the olden days when wok covers didn’t exist, the people of Yunnan made use of straw hats that doubled up as the pot’s lid.

YUN NANS Stonepot Fish - straw hat

At YUN NANS Stonepot Fish, the very same method is being practiced! It keeps the steam in at a controlled temperature of 160 degrees, and all it takes is just four to six minutes to present the perfectly cooked fish soup.

YUN NANS Stonepot Fish - fish pot

YUN NANS Stonepot Fish - soup broth

There are two signature soup bases to choose from. The signature Collagen Fish Soup (S$18++) is first simmered for over six hours with dried scallops, salmon fish head and bones and old hen before pressure-steamed with ginseng, yuzhu, bursting tofu imported from Yunnan, red dates and goji berries.

There’s also Wild Mushroom Soup (S$18++) which is the product of Yunnan’s Shangri-La Matsutake mushrooms, which are gently brewed for three hours together with wild porcini, pork bones, old hen and Yunnan ham, before adding in cordyceps mushrooms, crab mushrooms, red dates and goji berries.

YUN NANS Stonepot Fish - fish

Choose from a selection of locally farmed live fish such as Seabass (S$42.80), Patin (S$5 per 100g) or Soon Hock (S$8.80 per 100g). Each fish usually ranges from 800g to 1kg. If you’re not keen on live fish, Fresh Seabass is also available starting from S$28.

YUN NANS Stonepot Fish - seafood selection

Alongside the fish, you may also add a variety of other hotpot ingredients to sweeten the soup such as the Assorted Meat Platter, Assorted Seafood Platter and Assorted Vegetable Platter.

YUN NANS Stonepot Fish - seafood and vegetables

This outlet also serves other Yunnan-style specialty sides and hot dishes to complete your dining experience. The Crispy Barramundi Collar (S$9.80++) is a dish of lightly-fried marinated seabass collars, served with a salt and pepper dip.

YUN NANS Stonepot Fish - side dishes

The Grilled Clams with Spicy Garlic Sauce (S$12.90++) are served with a bed of vermicelli below. The house-fried garlic sauce tastes great when paired with rice!

YUN NANS Stonepot Fish - fragrant scallion rice

Speaking of rice, the Fragrant Scallion Rice (S$3++) would be the perfect choice! Dried shrimp, shiitake mushrooms and shallots are first stir-fried before being steamed with Thai fragrant rice, and finally topped with more fried shallots.

YUN NANS Stonepot Fish - overall view

As part of its upcoming opening promotion, you can enjoy 50% off Stonepot Fish (a choice of live fish & soup base) from 8 to 10 November 2022, valid only for dine-in!

Head down to Northpoint City from 5 November 2022 onwards to taste the freshness of live fishes cooked à la minute!

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Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

YUN NANS Stonepot Fish

1 Northpoint Drive, Northpoint City, #01-103 (South Wing), Singapore 768019

Our Rating 4.5/5

YUN NANS Stonepot Fish

1 Northpoint Drive, Northpoint City, #01-103 (South Wing), Singapore 768019

Telephone: +65 6513 1381
Operating Hours: 11.30am - 10pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6513 1381

Operating Hours: 11.30am - 10pm (Daily)
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