吃了吗: Affordable & Fresh Steamed Fish Sets From Only S$5 At Golden Mile

Last Updated: April 29, 2019

Written by Calida Soh

To most of us, fish tends to be something of high SES value due to its heftier price tag. It’s always nice to indulge in it once in a while, but not as an everyday dish. Fish has loads of health benefits, from being high in important nutrients to just being a delicious form of protein.

Inexpensive yet good quality fish sounds too good to be true, but 吃了吗 at Golden Mile Food Centre provides just that. My mom, who loves fish, introduced me to this place. She’s one who is very particular about freshness, and to receive her recommendation is a big deal. Hence, I decided to head down for myself to see if it was really that good.

Chi Le Ma 1

吃了吗 is located at the corner on the first floor of the food centre. Their signboard is pretty inconspicuous and can be easily overlooked if you are not specifically searching for them. Their menu is very straightforward, with only three steamed fish sets to choose from. Indeed, the prices are very affordable. They range from S$5 to S$6, depending on your choice of fish.

Even though I went before lunchtime, their Grouper Set Meal (S$6) was already sold out as they only carry limited quantities daily. My mom shared with me on some days, they only open for three hours and are completely sold out. Wow. They must be doing something right to be this popular.

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Since I already travelled down, I decided to get the available two sets to try out anyway. As my Sea Bass Set Meal (S$5) was placed in front of me, I was impressed by its portion. Not only did it come with a huge slab of sea bass, but it was also served with a mountain of rice, a cup of steamed egg and two slices of watermelon.

Chi Le Ma 4

At first look, the fish seemed extremely fresh with its thin skin glistening under the natural sunlight that spilt into the food centre. The fish was taken directly from a steamer, then doused in light soy sauce.

Chi Le Ma 5

The fish meat was very thick, and I was glad it had no briny taste to it. It was soft and flaky with a slightly buttery texture to it. Whilst the flesh itself was pretty plain, the light soy sauce helped to boost the flavours with a savoury coating. The highlight was definitely the freshness of the fish, which was amplified by the limited seasonings on it.

The fish was definitely of high quality, although I can’t say the same for the rice. I know, rice is just rice. But there’s always a difference in the way it’s being prepared. Unfortunately, the rice here was dry and clumpy. It had a distinct starchy taste to it, which was off-putting. I had to drench my rice in the light soy sauce in order to break them apart.

Chi Le Ma 7

Thankfully, the delicate steamed egg made up for it. It looked so perfect with its silky smooth top as I scooped out my first bite.

Chi Le Ma 8

The egg custard was literally melt-in-the-mouth soft, a good determinant of a good egg-to-water ratio in addition to well-controlled heat and cooking time. It was evenly cooked throughout, with a jiggly centre. Topped off with a few drops of light soy sauce and garnished with chopped spring onions, this simple dish was extremely well-executed.

Chi Le Ma 9

I was also glad that the slices of watermelon were fresh and crisp. They were not the thickest slices, but they were juicy and sweet which made for a nice refreshing dessert.

Chi Le Ma 2

I also had the Golden Pomfret Set Meal (S$5.50), which I personally preferred. It came with the same sides of rice, steamed egg and watermelon slices. I used to have pomfrets a lot when I was younger, as my grandma used to cook them all the time.

They are more commonly used for steaming and a speciality fish in our Teochew culture.

Chi Le Ma 6

Picking out the meat proved to be an effortless task. The pomfret was steamed to perfection with a firmer texture, which made it easier to remove from its bones. I liked how soft and smooth the flesh was, as compared to the slightly flakier texture of the sea bass.

It had no fishiness to it at all and instead had a tinge of natural sweetness which I really enjoyed. The light soy sauce further enhanced its flavour and I found myself finishing the entire fish easily.

I am not one for plain meals as I favour full flavoured and hearty dishes. However, I must admit that 吃了吗 fish sets left me feeling very satisfied with my meal despite how simple and healthy it was. If you are one who likes something light on the palate, or you prefer eating clean in general, 吃了吗 is the place for you.

It may not be my favourite place, but they do have quality fishes that I wouldn’t mind having often. I will definitely return soon to try out the grouper set meal that I missed out on.

Expected damage: S$5 – S$6 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5


505 Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre, #01-87 , Singapore 199583

Our Rating 4/5


505 Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre, #01-87 , Singapore 199583

Operating Hours: 10.30am - Sell Out (Daily)

Operating Hours: 10.30am - Sell Out (Daily)

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