6 Amazing 11.11 deals on snacks to get your hands on

11 November, the day when every corner of the Internet is amuck with insane discounts. The endless scrolling and staring at the screen will only prove worth it when you bag those exclusive 11.11 deals. We have already gathered some of these goodies for you from these 7 deals you’ll want to stay up for and these one-day food promos with a staycation(!) thrown in. If you are a true blue Singaporean, you’ll know that no discount is enough. So, after harnessing all my Singaporean Aunty energy, I found six more  11.11 deals for all you snackers because one bag of chips is never enough.

1. Aroma Truffle Chips

Aroma Truffle & Co. Online 3
Credit – Aroma Truffle & Co

What can I say about Aroma Truffle Chips except that you’ll smell it the moment it arrives? As much as I love truffle, Aroma Truffle Chips do some at an even prettier price.

You can expect nothing less from the world’s strongest smelling chips, so this deal on a bundle of three of Aroma Black Summer Truffle Potato Chips for S$26.64 at a 33% discount is clearly a steal.

Feel like a winner and bask in the luxury of truffle whilst snagging a good deal.

2. Tom’s Farm Almond – Assorted nuts

11.11 Snack Deals Online 2

The name Tom’s Farm Almond might be unfamiliar but basically, this is the brand behind those ubiquitous Honey Butter Almond (S$7.29) that are just so addictive and scrumptious. Here, you can have your pick with the entire range, from the Caramel Pretzel (S$7.49) to the Wasabi Almond (S$6.99). When it comes to these nuts, one packet is too little.

Get your hands on the full range of Tom’s Farm Almonds here.

3. Hai Chi Jia Noodles 

11.11 Snack Deals Online 3

Okay, I know this is not technically a snack. But what is a snack other than to satisfy intense cravings for Suan La Fen? If you ask me, you don’t even need a rainy day for Hai Chi Jia noodles to be a good option. There won’t be snack-shaming here, so eat what you want when you want. Get half a dozen of your Suan La Fen for less than S$1o. At S$9.90 for six, you best believe I’m buying a dozen each.

In fact, I can’t wait to try the more robust flavours such as the Clam Vermicelli (S$11.90 for six) or the Fishball & Kanto Cooking (S$11.90 for six) because why the hell not?

4. Crusty’s Chips 

11.11 Snack Deals Online 4

I love supporting our local snack scene and you are guaranteed a good time with Crusty’s Chips. Their chips run the gamut from Mala Fish Skin With Salted Egg (S$5.63) to Wasabi Seaweed Soy Skin Crisps (S$5.63)—the world is your chip flavour.

Since nearly their entire range is going at a 25% discount, it is incumbent that you at least buy one flavour to snack on. Shop them all here.

5. Mamee Monster Snack

11.11 Snack Deals Online 6

Here’s a tasty blast with Mamee Monster BBQ Snack—for just S$11.36 you can get 40 packets (yup, you read that right) of this dried noodle snack and relive those carefree days when calories meant nothing and hypertension was a prospect so far away.

The 25-year-old me would still inhale my Mamee, and I like to break off mine and not crush it all at once like some of you actual monsters. Choose between the Chicken or the BBQ flavour here.

6. Market-O Brownie 

11.11 Snack Deals Online 5

This is an oldie but a goldie. The famous Market-O Brownie has been a longtime favourite ever since it burst onto the scene.

The individually packaged brownies are fudgy with just the right amount of chocolate bits for you to reach for a second piece. A box on Shopee is only going for S$7.20 for 12 brownies. I know, you can get them in giant boxes in Korea, but no one is flying to Korea anytime soon. Snag this 11.11 deal as you reminisce the streets of Korea with a box or two of Market-O Brownies.