11 Reasons Why Foodies Are Marriage Material in Singapore

Foodies live to eat, not eat to live. Guess who’s a foodie and also single? This guy up here. Foodies make awesome dates even though sometimes you might hear “STOP. Don’t eat that yet.” and a camera phone comes out. Well, you’ll get used to that.

But foodies especially in Singapore have our own attractive charm as well which make us extremely eligible hawker dates.

Here are 11 reasons why you should date a Singapore foodie.

1. Always something new and interesting on a dinner date

We’ll only bring first dates to our favorite tried-and-tested restaurants. Subsequent dates will be always some new restaurant you’ve probably not heard of because we’re adventurous like that. Even if the conversation is boring, at least the food won’t be boring.



2. Foodies are decisive about where to eat

This is a typical pre-dinner conversation:

“where do you want to eat?”

“I don’t know. You decide.”

“I also don’t know leh. Anything la”

But with foodies, we’ll want to check out that new place that everyone is raving about. No longer do you have to both get annoyed that no one has any idea, and no one can decide where to go for dinner. We know where, let’s go.

3. We can teach you how to take great food photos.

Many Singapore foodies have hundreds of photos on Instagram through years of accumulation and practice; follow us on Instagram and we’ll show you the beautiful world of #foodp0rn . Need tips on how to make your food look better? Have no fear, we’ll teach you how to work those camera angles and what apps to edit your food photos with that makes it look better than it tastes.



4. We’re down-to earth with basic foods too.

True Singapore foodies know it’s not always fine-dining where you’ll find great food. Only the boring and pampered think great dinner dates have to be fine-dining restaurants.

Hawker centres and street food in Singapore have some of the best foods due to how our Asian food scene has evolved and improved upon each other. We’re not only down-to-earth and humble enough to eat in a hawker centre, we appreciate the simple things in life.

5. We’ll probably over order, and we share.

The problem with wanting to try too many dishes is not having enough stomachs to finish it. So have no fear, you won’t be leaving on an empty stomach when going on a date with a foodie who’s always eager to try a variety of dishes, and always ready to share.



6. Foodies don’t judge your binge eating.

We understand when you have one of those crappy days where you just need to binge on ice cream or fried foods. We won’t judge you, in fact we’ll probably be quite game to join in. We know a great fried chicken buffet place.

7. Traveling is more fun with foodies.

Before we leave, foodies already have a list of where to eat prepared so we can check out these great spots once we’re there. We plan our trips around food destinations so you don’t have to worry about not finding any good food overseas. It helps to have an agenda as well rather than just wandering around aimlessly and risking food poisoning.

Guinea Pig Bonus: Let the foodie taste test your food first to see if its any good or if we get food poisoning. We’re risk-takers when it comes to street food like that.



8. We will try to find what you like to eat.

In the mood for pizza? There’s this great place that does deliveries. Looking for nice softserve ice cream? Yea I can think of a couple places.

Foodies understand that everyone has different taste preferences and we’ll try to find something that suits you, which isn’t that much trouble given the wide database of restaurants in our heads. Its important to us that you enjoy the food too, and pleasing your stomach makes us happy.

9. Most foodies can cook pretty well.

Most foodies have often wondered how a chef does a certain dish and whether he can replicate it at home (its our personal fantasy). Thus we’ve dabbled in the kitchen here and there and when it comes down to preparing a home-cooked meal for our date, you won’t be disappointed with our Masterchef-wannabe skills.



10. We’re more interested in your hands, not your body.

We’ll sometimes need you to pose with a spoon, or pick up some noodles with a fork and that’s when we appreciate your cute polished manicure. What you’re wearing or how you look isn’t that important.

11. We’re too busy looking for new foods to look for new flings.

We’ll always be on the lookout for the latest restaurant openings, not other types of ‘openings’. Foodies know what we want and go back to the same place if its good – this applies to romantic partners as well.



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