Adrift by David Myers: Izakaya Style Dining with Sophisticated Cocktails


David Myers, a celebrity chef hailing from Boston, has recently ventured to Singapore, starting up Adrift by David Myers located inside Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Other than Adrift by David Myers, he is overseeing all the Tokyo, Japan branches too.

Dishes at Adrift are prepared using fresh Californian ingredients with an Asian touch. One can also opt for the Omakase dinner to let the chef curate a specially designed meal for the evening.

I was lucky enough to catch Chef David himself at the restaurant during our tasting and he welcomed us with such warmth and friendliness.


Adrift by David Myers boasts of a casual bar area that is exceedingly sleek and chic, complete with a large seating area adorned with plush sofas for the King or Queen in you. As for the dining concept, it models an outdoor canopy fashion, with large transparent glass sides that lets in abundant natural sunlight.


The seats are suspended like swings and resembles an outdoor bench. The flooding of daylight exudes a warm and cosy interior while nightfall boasts of a more romantic and intimate atmosphere perfect for a night out.

And what better way to start the evening than with some cocktails from the bar?


Troublemaker ($23). There’s really no better way to start a dinner than having some pre-drinks. The troublemaker is light and refreshing, with subtle sweetness. It is very easy to drink and will definitely work up an appetite.


Penicillin ($23). The next drink is literally what it is, a penicillin for whatever headache that life has caused you. It is your go to drink for quick remedy. Think whisky sour but much lighter in texture, with a spicy hint of ginger. Definitely refreshing and decorated with a slice of preserved ginger, this cocktail has won my heart for the night.


Lobster Roll ($26). Moving onto the bar bites, the sliced up lobster roll has a good blend of flavours that complements each other – The mayo gives the richness and more body while the slight citrus taste helps to balance the whole dish, allowing it to remain creamy yet light all at the same time.


King Crab Melt ($25). I literally couldn’t keep my hands off this delicious toastie, it is exceedingly savoury and definitely worth all the calories. The melted cheese combines well with the well seasoned crab meat to give the savouriness while the jalapenos gives a spicy kick. This is the kind of cheesy situation I’ll want to be caught in.


Housemade Ricotta Toast, Preserved Lemon and Black Sugar ($10). A thinly sliced bread that has been baked to a crisp, topped with velvety ricotta that is very smooth, infused with lemon and black olives that adds the extra aroma. There is also a hint of sweetness, which is a match made in heaven with the savoury ricotta cheese.

If anything, I’m pretty convinced by now that all of these little appetizers are worthy of contributing my daily calories.


Karaage Chicken ($10). Pardon my lack of words but this is literally like a popcorn chicken, only better, more crisp and fragrant. It is fried to a golden brown, while the meat remains piping hot, juicy and tender. First bite in and all the essence of the chicken overflows, albeit scalding the tongue in a good way.

The miso mustard sauce lends a piquant spiciness, adding layers to its flavour. And yes, this is dangerous with drinking because it is all the right flavours you’re craving for when you’re slightly tipsy. All that savoury and salty goodness packed solid.


Duck Confit Gyoza ($10). Interesting twist using duck instead of the usual minced pork, there’s a a richer taste in the gyoza. The duck confit meat combines well with the chives and makes for a really good filling that is extremely tender and juicy, though the gyoza skin is a little too thick for me.


Big Eye Tuna ($13). Unlike the usual, these slices are saltier and chunkier. It is exceedingly savoury and served with a luscious tofu puree and sesame leaf salad.


King Crab Pasta ($25/$50). It is done al dente and tossed in a creamy yet light sauce that complements the tagliatelle. The cherry tomatoes and yuzu kosho add another dimension of flavour to the dish, with occasional citrusy sweet bursts, though I think the pasta would be improved with a bit more sauce.


Iberico Pork Chop ($30). The pork is fatty, tough and slightly acidic, which is a good contrast of flavour to the sourness from the salted plums. The loaded sweet potatoes particularly caught my attention and are super chunky and savoury.

And on to dessert!

adrift MBS-0632

Yuzu Mousse, Shiso Sorbet and Matcha Sponge ($12). This dessert almost looks deconstructed and definitely fancy, containing matcha sponge and spherification as well. The different forms provide different textures, which all blends well together to give an interesting organic-looking dessert. There are sweet notes complemented by citrus bursts, complete with spicy hints.

adrift MBS fritters-0634

Chocolate Fritters, Vanilla Ice Cream and Pistachio Nut ($11). Extremely crispy, goes well with the ice cream for the contrast of temperature. Really love how fried it is and the warm filling oozing out.

If you’re into decadence, opt for the chocolate fritters for dessert. Definitely hits the sweet spot with all the fried goodness.

adrift MBS-0635

Rhubard, Strawberry ($12). The white chocolate complements the poached rhubarb that isn’t as sour as per usual of its characteristic, inclining more towards jackfruit. There is a mellow sweetness to it and the crispy rice tuile gives textures.

Just the mere thought of Adrift’s drinks and cute interiors have got me charmed, let alone their bar bites and mains that have thoroughly won me over. Adrift by David Myers is a playful take on differetn experiences and is perfect for a romantic cosy dinner or a cheery afternoon ladies luncheon – I’d definitely recommend having some of their drinks together with their bites.

Expected Damage: $70 – $80 per pax

Adrift By David Myers: 10 Bayfront Ave, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018956 | Tel: 6688 5657 | Website

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