Baristart Coffee launches limited-time matcha menu until 30 June 2022

Baristart Coffee has elevated the matcha game with their new Matcha Series, featuring three limited dishes that will be available from 1 to 30 June 2022.

A picture of Matcha Cream Puff
Credit – Baristart Coffee

This series uses Okumidori matcha, which is one of the highest grades of single-origin matcha that hails from Wakuza Village in Kyoto, Japan. Additionally, it is very rare as it’s grown in only three percent of Japan’s entire tea cultivation area— that’s how you know that the matcha products are the real deal!

For this series, Baristart Coffee is pairing the matcha with Hokkaido BIEI Jersey Milk. The Jersey cow’s milk is well-liked by Japanese folks as it has a tinge of sweetness.

A box containing three matcha cream puffs

This matcha series features three items: a puff and two drinks.

The Matcha Cream Puff (S$9) is a matcha made in heaven between the Okumidori matcha and BIEI Jersey Milk custard.

A close up of a bite of Match Cream Puff

I had the opportunity to try the cream puff, and I was amazed.

I have to be honest. Sometimes I find the taste of matcha within certain dishes too strong and heavy. However, the matcha custard within the puff was smooth, creamy, light on the palette, and it was to die for. The puff itself was crispy and flaky, with sugary bits that added a nice crunch to each bite. The matcha was not at all overpowering and had a nice, sweet taste.

A picture of the cross section of a Matcha Cream Puff

The matcha powder lightly dusted on the top of the puffs was not choking, and I managed to eat the puff without anything reminiscent of the cinnamon challenge happening.

It is a delightful puff that both matcha lovers and non-matcha fans will enjoy.

A collage of two drinks, Matcha Mango Hokkaido Milk and Matcha Soda
Credit – Baristart Coffee

The Matcha Mango Hokkaido Milk (S$11) is definitely an interesting concoction as homemade mango jam is added to the matcha latte. This unlikely combination may end up being your favourite, with the result being a tangy little beverage that is sweet and milky.

The Matcha Soda (S$8) is perfect for Singaporeans to beat the heatwave that has been rolling over Singapore’s plains. As the name suggests, this drink contains both matcha and soda water, and it is definitely a refreshing drink that Singaporeans may find crucial in this time of need.

The packaging the Matcha Cream Puffs came in

Baristart Coffee’s matcha series will be available at both Tras Street and Sentosa outlets, with all items available for both dine-in and takeaway. You only have the month of June to try this, so better get a head start!

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