Meet the Bernie Sanders roll cake — Meme culture & food trends rolled into one

From a never-ending plethora of memes, down to even an Instagram filter, “Chairman Sanders” isn’t going away anytime soon. And for that very reason, Malaysian baker Keem Ooi has perfectly captured the endearing ole‘ Bernie Sanders in one of her signature Kum Quat Roll Cakes. I never thought I’d see the day when we’d begin to (quite literally) consume memes in the form of desserts, but indeed, what a time it is to be alive.

Bernie Sanders Roll Cake Featured

Laden with immaculate detail, the Bernie Sanders roll resembles the picture we know all too well down to a tee. Its colours, and even minor features, are an almost exact replica of the photograph itself—more than impressive considering the medium that Keem is working with.

Bernie Sanders Roll Cake 2

As a self-taught home baker, Keem’s repertoire is downright impressive. Having worked with the likes of BOSCH and Warner Music Malaysia, her work more than shows. Intricate, well-executed designs upon roll cakes definitely don’t come naturally to just anybody.

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa

A quick scroll through her Instagram feed is enough to leave you in awe of the meticulousness behind her every piece. My personal favourite has to be her Great Wave Off Kanagawa cake, which is only my most adored painting of all time.

Bernie Sanders 2

She’s also done some Pokémon-related work, for fans of the adorable pocket monsters out there.

Bernie Sanders

Specially for her Singaporean fans, here’s a Simba the Lion shaped bread to commemorate our National Day.

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