Want a ‘Fool’ Tummy? Here are the best April Fool’s food pranks to try out today

April Fool’s day is here! And to give your family and friends a day they’ll remember every year… use food! 

Everyone loves a good treat. Most people are easily accepting of sweet, savoury, and juicy snacks from their loved ones, which provides an avenue for sneaking in pranks (oh yes, we’re evil). But nothing spells fun like food!

If you’re planning  to pull a trick that will leave everyone in stitches, you’re in the right place. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to share our favourite food pranks that will earn you the title ‘Best Prankster’.

Learn the recipes in 5,4,3,2,1…
You’d be foolish not to try these.

1. Make a mashed potato sundae 

The classic sundae fool. 


Nothing feels as good as a cold, creamy sundae sliding down your throat on a hot day. Or, a refreshing ice-cream sundae dessert that follows a filling dinner. This one will tickle your prey. Instead of ice-cream, fill up their bowls with mashed potatoes and top it up with some pretty sprinkles. Then sit back and watch with delight as they scoop!

2. Meatloaf cupcakes

Expect the unexpected from these dainty little cupcakes. 


They’re too enticing even for the strongest. Pulled off right, they’ll provide the best “Gotcha!” moment this Fool’s day. Make sure to top your cupcakes with colourful cream to avoid blowing their cover too early.

3. Make cake look like pizza

Know a die-hard pizza enthusiast?

cake that looks like pizza

They’ll slice into this dish only to find a sweet surprise! This pizza cake might just tick them off (if their tummy’s rumbling) or make them laugh till their tummy hurts. Regardless, it’ll make April Fool’s day memorable for both of you. All you’ll need is some cake mix, vanilla frosting, food colouring, strawberry fruit roll-ups, and white baking chocolate.

4. Mayonnaise donuts prank

Perfect to fool those passionate sugar devotees. 

hand picking donuts

Who doesn’t love donuts? These sugar-studded rounds go so well with tea, coffee or any drink, really. Only that this time, your prankees are in for a different kind of “cream-filling”. If you know a seasoned donut lover, this is one trick to try on them. All you’ll need is a cake, some mayo, a ziplock bag, and a knife.

5. Make chicken wings out of crispy rice

Who would say no to wings?

chicken wings in a basket

These irresistibly tasty and sometimes hot pieces of goodness will have anyone feeling hungry on a whim. Making wings out of crispy rice makes for a clever prank due to the close resemblance between actual wings and these pseudo “wings”.

And there you go, your April Fool’s all sorted! I’m pretty sure these food pranks will make for fun memories this year. These fun recipes are easy to prepare and safe to pull off, so don’t worry about splurging too much on ingredients or harming your loved ones. Enjoy!

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