Massive discounts of up to S$3,399 off on Bosch appliances from now until 31 Dec

As we all slowly but begrudgingly accept being at home for the bulk of our time now as the new norm, the need for high quality, effective appliances have really soared. Shelve all assumptions about Bosch appliances being dauntingly pricey, because these massive discounts available from now till 31 December 2020 will send even the auntie-est of all friend groups drooling over slashed prices.

Laundry Bundles

Bosch Discounts 3

The washer with ActiveOxygen Technology and Heat Pump Dryer bundle is going at more than 40% off, or enjoy other purchase with purchase deals below.

Laundry Eco Bundle A: Purchase the 8kg Heat Pump Dryer (WTR85V00SG) and get any of the 7kg, 8kg, 9kg or 10kg washers at S$999.

Laundry Eco Bundle B: Purchase the 9kg Heat Pump Dryer (WTW85400SG) and snag either an 8kg, 9kg or 10kg washer at only S$999.

Kitchen Bundles

Bosch Discounts 1

Kitchen Essential Deal: Get the 60cm Built-in Oven at just S$999, which I assume will come in handy seeing how just about everyone has already turned into a home baker/ home chef now. When you do so, receive all 3 appliances—CleverMixx Hand Blender, Bosch Chopper, and ErgoMixx Hand Mixer—for free.

Twin Kitchen Bundle: The 38cm Built-in Stainless Steel Microwave Oven and 60cm Built-in Stainless Steel Oven are now going at S$1,999 for both, and on top of that, customers will receive a free Styline Kitchen Machine worth S$649.

Bosch Discounts 2

Precook Bundle: For the single price of S$999, you can get both the 90cm Pyramid Design Chimney Hood and 78.5cm Tempered Glass Gas Hob. Not to mention, these two shiny appliances are also going at half the price right now. When you purchase the Precook Bundle, choose either the Red Kettle or the Red Toaster as your free gift, both worth S$119 each. Think of it as your statement kitchen piece.

Sleek Bosch kitchen appliance at such a spectacular price point? Someone BTO with me right now!

Date and time: These discounts are available at all Bosch retailers from now till 31 December 2020