Brown Butter Cafe: Instagrammable Avocado Burger With Succulent Beef Patty & More At Orchard

Brown Butter Cafe Singapore

Hidden away at Forum Galleria Orchard Road, Brown Butter sits comfortably between its cousin restaurants, Hana Japanese Restaurant and The Benjamin Browns. It was as if I’ve just stepped into a fairytale—the exterior of the cafe is decorated with flowers sporting various shades of pink. 

Like the storefront of an establishment you would typically see in London, the lettering of the cafe is in bold block letters, which is rather aesthetically pleasing in a minimalist type of way. 

Brown Butter Cafe Singapore 2

Decked out in green and pink, Brown Butter Cafe is designed specifically to be a hipster’s haven—a tasteful and artistic space serving up various portions of healthy foods. 

Brown Butter Cafe Singapore 12

I began my course with the Salmon Mentaiko Cheese Toastie (S$18), and I was blown away at the sight of it. It came with an astounding, generous amount of mentaiko spread on the toast, and I could almost taste the umami just by looking at it. 

Brown Butter Cafe Singapore 22

With the hidden layers of fresh aburi salmon and melted cheese sitting atop the pain de mie , the bursts of umami blended extremely well with the soft and sweet bread.

The light, velvety crumbs stayed soft throughout, and it gelled well with the mentaiko, intensifying the brininess of the toastie. 

Brown Butter Cafe Singapore 7

I moved on to the Avo Burger (S$23) next. This was a towering savoury pillar of smoky beef patty, a slice of tomato, fragrant onions and melted cheese sandwiched between two avocado “buns”. 

One would expect the buns of the burger to just be avocado-flavoured, but Brown Butter Cafe used actual avocado halves to represent the burger buns. Served alongside tortilla chips and a portion of salsa, I would have preferred to have a small dip on the side to enjoy the crunchy chips.

Brown Butter Cafe Singapore 21

Extremely succulent and flavourful, the surprisingly thick-cut 150g beef patty was the highlight of the dish, although it was a little difficult to cut through. The blissful blend of cheese and beef paired well with the somewhat bland yet creamy avocado and the tinge of sweetness from the tomato. This really took me by surprise because I honestly wasn’t expecting it to taste this spectacular. 

Brown Butter Cafe Singapore 13

Of course, I definitely had to document my trip to Brown Butter Cafe with their Insta-worthy Fish Bowl (S$18)

Delicately plated in a gorgeous formation, I found myself fighting the urge to destroy its elegance despite my hunger. 

Brown Butter Cafe Singapore 23

After drizzling their homemade wafu dressing over this ironic poke bowl on a plate, I took a bite out of each ingredient. To say that the ingredients blended extremely well together would be an understatement—it was basically heaven on a plate. 

The cod roe brought just the right amount of umami to the table, as did the wakame (edible seaweed from Japan). It was definitely interesting to see how they drew cultural inspiration from their neighbour, Hana Restaurant. With just the right melt-in-mouth texture, the salmon sashimi was well-seasoned, fresh, and paired well with the wafu dressing. I’m not one to frequently patronise poke joints but this dish made me want to come back for more.

Brown Butter Cafe Singapore 6

I happened to chance upon one of Brown Butter’s Insta-famous desserts on Instagram, the literal ‘cheese’ cake. Shaped cheekily like a cartoon block of actual cheese, I loved the attention to detail with the little holes on the cake. 

Brown Butter Cafe Singapore
(from right to left) Pink Cheesecake, Avocado Cheesecake, Lemon Cheesecake

Priced at S$8.90+ each, Brown Butter offers these delights in three different flavours—Beetroot, Avocado and Lemon. The difference between these cakes and other cheesecakes is easily spotted. Instead of having a crunchy biscuit base attached to the cake, these cakes came without a base and sat atop biscuit crumbs that were artfully yet carelessly scattered. 

My favourite flavour out of the three was the Avocado Cheesecake because I personally detected hints of pandan in the cake. The other two flavours were subtle as well, which made a perfect light dessert after a heavy meal. However, I would have much preferred if the cakes came with a crumbly base, instead of this variation. 

Brown Butter Cafe Singapore 9
(from left to right) Milk-a-corn, Coffee Corn

The drinks I had were rather puzzling at first. I’ve never had corn milk before, so when the server walked up with the Milk-a-corn (S$10.90+) and the Coffee Corn (S$10.90+), I was slightly sceptical about the taste. 

I was instructed to pour the milk into the frozen corn-flavoured ice and crush it with a spoon to make an ice-blend. 

Brown Butter Cafe Singapore 16

The Milk-a-corn was surprisingly light and delicious—I never knew you could mix the two! A hint of sweetness from the corn mixed with the creaminess and silkiness of the fresh milk, and it tasted exactly how it sounds—ice-blended milky corn. 

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for its caffeine counterpart because I don’t usually take coffee. Instead of sweet corn flavouring, Brown Butter used beet flavours in the shape of a pink corn stick. The end result was a solid pink drink, which was pretty impressive because the notes of coffee were extremely strong—I never knew that coffee could be pink (excluding Starbucks’ pink drinks of course!). 

Brown Butter Cafe Singapore 8
(from left to right) OTT Pink Beet Smoothie, OTT Avocado Smoothie

Two other drinks that have seen the light of Instagram but are actually not on their menu yet were the OTT Avocado Smoothie (S$10.90+) and the OTT Pink Beet Smoothie (S$10.90+)

No, they’re not real avocados, in case you were wondering. The OTT Pink Beet Smoothie came in one of those shades you’d see Elle Woods from Legally Blonde sport while burying her nose in law books. The little “avocado shell” on top was filled with avocado puree mixed with vanilla ice cream. 

The OTT Avocado Smoothie was in a beautiful pastel green, thankfully not in a garish shade like what you would see on a swamp monster. Unlike the Beet Smoothie, the “avocado shell” that sits on top of this drink contained one additional ingredient—pink Pattaya powder.

My visit to Brown Butter Cafe has definitely taught me that I should appreciate healthy food, and that they don’t always have to taste horrible. 

The cafe is looking to expand their menu to provide us with more pretty pink and green foods, so keep a lookout if you’re interested. Things will not always be in avocado and beetroot flavours but they’re sticking to the pink and green theme. 

From my experience there, I will absolutely be heading down for a second visit. Have you tried the menu at Brown Butter Cafe yet?

Dates & Times: 10.30am – 8.30pm (Daily)

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Brown Butter

583 Orchard Road, #01-18/19, Singapore, Singapore 238884

Our Rating 4/5

Brown Butter

583 Orchard Road, #01-18/19, Singapore, Singapore 238884

Operating Hours: 10.30am - 8.30pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 10.30am - 8.30pm (Daily)
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