Bunnies: Super cute & fluffy mini buns stuffed with over 30 flavours including butter sugar in Chinatown

Bunnies is another great bakery that I – regretfully – used to walk past when I visited Chinatown. It is located at the front end of People Park Complex, near the bus stop facing the main road.

bunnies - storefront

From its simple name and tacky pink rabbit icon, I used to think that it was just another regular bakery. Don’t ever let their unassuming storefront trick you! Upon closer inspection, I noticed endless trays of perfectly identical mini buns lined in rows.

bunnies - kitchen scenes

More than 30 flavours are available that range from sweet to savoury options. Their bakes are brought fresh out of the oven every half hour or so to replenish emptied trays. Look past the cashier to witness bakers kneading and filling the little balls of dough with a variety of flavours. 

What I tried at Bunnies

bunnies - butter sugar bun

The breads are extremely affordable. Most of the flavours are sold at S$1.80 for a set of 6 mini buns. Based on the orders from customers lined up in front of me, it was obvious that the Butter Sugar (S$1.80) was a must-get item. 

Only 2 sets of 6 mini buns were left on the tray by the time it was my turn to order. It is no wonder the kitchen team is seen working at such ungodly speed! 

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Personally, I enjoy eating butter cold and as a slab on toast. I thought that the buttery taste would disintegrate into the bread dough during the baking process. However, a warm pool of butter oozed out of the bun as soon as I sank my teeth into it.

bunnies - butter sugar in tray

The liberal sugar dusting that coated the entire top layer of the bun held its crunch. It contrasted perfectly with the pillowy soft bun and melted butter swirls within. However, the quality of the butter used was not fantastic. In fact, I suspect margarine may be used instead. 

There was an artificial milky taste akin to margarine that was unpleasant for me. Nonetheless, it was a good buy considering how cheap they are.

bunnies - bread pull

I was surprised to find the Sweet Potato (S$1.80) mini buns as this flavour is not commonly found in other local bakeries. 

Once again, the bread itself tore apart easily to reveal a beautiful crumb. The bread dough was stretchy but soft — the perfect texture that every bread should possess. 

The only other sweet potato bread I have eaten was from BreadTalk. BreadTalk’s version comes with meagre swirls of sweet potato within the loaf.

bunnies - sweet potato bun

Bunnies’s version, however, sees a generous stuffing of smashed sweet potato in each mini bun. Not to mention, its bright orange hue stands out from the white bread. It was as if the bun was calling out to me to choose it. 

The sweet potato was naturally sweet and super smooth. It almost takes on the texture of red bean paste encased in a steamed Chinese pau. Absolutely delicious!

bunnies - kaya bun

Another great buy and must-get item is the Kaya (S$1.80). The bun features beautiful patterned swirls of pandan kaya within the loaf. As I cut through the bun, a strong aroma of coconut and pandan filled the air. 

I have always loved pandan-infused flavours such as kaya, so it was no surprise that I enjoyed these mini buns thoroughly. I also appreciate the quantity of coconut jam incorporated into the bread. This ensured that the kaya flavour could be tasted in almost every bite.

bunnies - cheese sausage bun

The only savoury flavour I got was the Hotdog Cheese (S$1.80). For the same price, only 2 mini buns were packed. However, each mini bun was significantly bigger than the sweet renditions.

bunnies - cheese sausage bun cheese crust

Each mini bun had a sausage while the only cheese factor present was a cheese crust on the bun exterior. The flavours of this savoury creation reminded me of a bread I used to eat during my primary school days. It was called ‘spider web’ due to the cheese crust patterns. 

With no additional sauce drizzled on the bun, its cheesy flavours paired well with the sausage. I believe that any flavour combination would work well with the pillowy white bread that the team has nailed to perfection. 

Final thoughts

bunnies - several breads

Bunnies has made it to my list of top bakeries with its simple but well-executed mini buns. Additionally, I appreciate that no additional sugars were added to the fillings which created perfectly sweetened bread.

I am already making plans to return for a couple of portions of the sweet potato buns as well as the kaya buns!

Expected damage: S$1.80 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 5 / 5


1 Park Road, People's Park Complex, #01-K99, Singapore 059108

Our Rating 5/5


1 Park Road, People's Park Complex, #01-K99, Singapore 059108

Telephone: +65 6536 4113
Operating Hours: 8am-9.30pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6536 4113

Operating Hours: 8am-9.30pm (Daily)
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