Burger & Lobster Raffles Arcade: SG-Exclusive Uni & Caviar Lobster Rolls + The Most Decadent S$70 Lobster Laksa You’ll Ever Have At Raffles Hotel

When Burger & Lobster first opened in Jewel Changi Airport in May 2019, the queues were so long that people waited hours just for a single Original Roll (S$40++).

Now, with its second outlet which opened in Sept 2019, Burger & Lobster Raffles Arcade, you don’t need to queue any more—this outlet accepts reservations. Hooray for finally being able to book in advance!

Located at Raffles Hotel Singapore, this outlet offers several exclusive dishes that are only available at that outlet, such as Uni, Lobster & Caviar Roll (S$50++) and more.

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Burger & Lobster is a famous UK chain that prides itself on its live and wild Atlantic lobsters, prime burgers, and fresh seafood. It has outlets all over the world, like London, New York, Dubai, Bangkok, Kuwait, and Genting.

The differences between this outlet and Singapore’s first-ever Burger & Lobster outlet at Jewel Changi Airport are numerous. It’s three times larger, and houses a new outdoor bar, an eclectic fresh seafood counter, and a wider selection of lobsters, burgers, and cocktails.

Not to mention, this outlet takes reservations, so there’s no need to wait hours in the queue anymore!

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Credit – Burger & Lobster

The minute I stepped inside Burger & Lobster Raffles Arcade, I was blown away by how gorgeous everything was.

I saw shiny brown leather chairs, blood-red leather booths and black-and-white mosaic tile flooring, which instantly gave off a sophisticated and vintage vibe. The industrial stone walls and wooden doors (complete with golden handles) added a chic charm to the area.

I’ve personally never been to Burger & Lobster, but I know its lobster rolls, seafood, and burgers are all top-notch and I couldn’t wait to dig in.

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The first item that was served to us was the Fresh Seafood Platter (S$240/Medium).

This seafood platter also comes in Small (S$120) and Large (S$360). Despite the hefty price tag, you’re getting a bucket load of chilled seafood, such as freshly shucked oysters, half a lobster, chilled Dutch mussels, king crab legs, and Vietnamese tiger prawns.

The platter of seafood was extremely fresh and my personal favourite was the chilled Dutch mussels. Though it was served cold, the mussels were tender and soft, without any pungent odour or fishy taste at all.

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The next appetiser we had was the Lobster Rosti (S$18), where a heap of shredded lobster meat, guacamole, red chilli, and a slice of lime was placed on top of a thin sheet of pan-fried potato.

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Every mouthful of crunchy rosti, tender lobster meat, creamy guacamole, and zesty lime juice was absolutely delicious.

I loved how the sourness from the lime cut through the oiliness from the grated potatoes and complemented the freshness and natural sweetness from the lobster meat at the same time.

This dish was super addictive and made me think of crispy french fries and tacos—because of the guacamole, and I had to physically stop myself from polishing off the entire appetiser, because good things must be shared, you know?

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The main star of the evening was the Uni, Lobster & Caviar Roll (S$50++), which is only available at the Raffles Arcade branch. For photography’s sake, we placed two rolls together on one plate, but each roll is priced at S$50++.

Each lobster roll came with juicy shredded lobster meat tucked into a toasted brioche roll, and topped with uni, caviar, and dill.

This was one of the most decadent lobster rolls I’ve ever seen. Before I took a bite of this roll, I wondered: “How on earth could something this simple cost so much? It’s really just lobster meat in a brioche roll, and topped with uni and caviar.”

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As I took an apprehensive bite of the lobster roll, I understood why it cost so much.

The uni-infused lobster meat was tender, soft, and sweet, and as I continued to chew, I could taste a tinge of brininess, as if it came straight from the sea. The toasted brioche roll was warm to the touch and had just the right amount of butter on the outside to ensure it was crisp, just like a good ol’ grilled cheese sandwich, but not overly oily.

This was one of the most indulgent, sinful, and expensive rolls I’ve ever had, but given the freshness and softness of the lobster meat and the expensive toppings it came with, I would say you’re definitely paying for high-quality grub.

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Since the restaurant name covers both lobsters and burgers, I knew I had to try one of its burgers that night.

The Spicy Miso Burger (S$23++) is also an item that is exclusive to the Raffles Arcade outlet and it came with a miso-glazed grilled Nebraskan Angus beef patty, smoked provolone cheese, crunchy kale, and fragrant onion rings.

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The minute I took a large bite of the burger, I was immediately hit by a smoky and spicy barbecue taste, which I realised was the spicy miso sauce. It reminded me instantly of Korean gochujang sauce—it was packed with savoury and umami flavours, with a tinge of sweetness and plum-like sourness.

My only gripe with this burger would be that though the beef patty was juicy, it wasn’t seasoned well enough and had to rely on the spicy miso sauce for flavour.

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The last dish I had for the night was the Laksa Lobster (S$70++). The humongous bowl of laksa came with an entire wild lobster, rice noodles, tau pok, and bean sprouts.

I’ve had many bowls of laksa, but this was by far the most expensive bowl of laksa I’ve ever had. The laksa broth itself was fragrant and creamy, and I loved dipping the supple lobster meat in the rich gravy and slurping all that juicy goodness up.

Would I pay S$70++ for a bowl of laksa? Honestly, no, but maybe that’s because I’m “low SES”. Whoops.

However, no matter the size of my wallet, there’s no doubt that a meal at Burger & Lobster Raffles Arcade is bound to leave you satiated and feeling utterly pampered. The lobster meat is insanely fresh, supple, and sweet—it’s literally as if they caught it straight from the sea minutes before being served. All the ingredients, flavours, and textures are so well thought through!

Expected Damage: S$50 – S$90 per pax

Price: $ $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Burger & Lobster Raffles Arcade

328 North Bridge Road, #01-25, Raffles Arcade, Raffles Hotel Singapore, Singapore 188719

Our Rating 4/5

Burger & Lobster Raffles Arcade

328 North Bridge Road, #01-25, Raffles Arcade, Raffles Hotel Singapore, Singapore 188719

Operating Hours: 11am - 11pm (Sun - Wed) 11am - 12am (Thu - Sat)

Operating Hours: 11am - 11pm (Sun - Wed) 11am - 12am (Thu - Sat)
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