Chimichanga! Singapore: Nacho (pun-intended) Average Tex-Mex Joint Even Deadpool Will Approve


Tucked away in Little India, Chimichanga is said to be the first Mexican dive bars to open in Singapore. Featuring authentic Mexican cuisine, this is the place to go if you want to chow down on familiar favourites such as tacos, quesadillas and burritos. Located along a whole stretch of eateries, it was rather difficult to track down its location but we eventually managed to find it.


Nestled in a small and cozy space, the restaurant was rustic-looking with ambient music that brought about some chill vibes.


With tables made from wooden planks and walls that appeared to be distressed, I eased right into the place. The low-hanging lights with somewhat dim lighting also helped to set the mood, allowing us to kick back and relax in the bar.


Jalapeno Pops With Nachos ($10)

Bite-sized jalapeno pops stuffed with cream cheese made for a great appetiser. The crunchy jalapeno pepper was breaded and combined with a cheese mixture that was simply mouth-watering. The crisp nacho chips went nicely with the pops as well. If you’re craving a simple bar bite, this is the one to go for.


Taco Trio ($10)

As for the Taco trio, you can select between four filling options, either the carnita pork, chipotle chicken, ancho beef or boracho beef. We went for the ancho beef which had a rendang-like texture but tasted surprisingly good with the taco wrap.


Topped with a guacamole spread and drizzled with a quarter slice of fresh lime, this was easily one of my favourites from the menu. I liked how the taco was slightly crispy on the edges but soft in the middle.


Chimichanga ($10)

Ever wondered why Deadpool is so obsessed with Chimichangas? Well, here you go. Basically a deep-fried burrito filled with various condiments, this was one of the heaviest dishes we had. Since we already had the ancho beef, we opted for the carnita pork this time.


Filled with flavoured rice and a good mix of black beans, capsicum and melted cheese, the burrito was definitely sizeable. While I enjoyed the hearty combination, the fried burrito was too oily for my taste.


Buffalo wings ($10)

What meal is complete without buffalo wings? We just had to grab a last nibble before we went for the drinks. Slathered in hot sauce, their authentic buffalo wings were just the right amount of spicy. An excellent kick to end our meal.


Mezcal Margarita ($16)

Unfortunately, their La Chimichanga, a cilantro Bloody Mary topped with a baby Chimichanga was unavailable at the moment. So instead, we settled for the Mezcal Margarita which came with contreau, lime and bitters. The usual Tequila option ($14) is also available for those who prefer that combination.


With traditional street food like tacos and burritos topped with fresh ingredients such as avocado and lime, Chimichanga! is a good example of how much simple Mexican fare can bring to the table.

While the food on the menu was delicious, I wished that they would bring in more varieties in the future, perhaps adding more unconventional Mexican dishes to their menu.  

Definitely grab your friends and hit them up during their happy hours for their stockpiles of refreshing beers and cocktails with a Mexican twist.

Expected damage: $10- $16

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Chimichanga! : 36 Dunlop Street, Singapore 209364 | Tel: 6293 3314 | Opening Hours: 11am to 11pm (Monday & Tuesday), 11am to midnight (Wednesday to Saturday), Closed on Sundays | Website

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