Chin Mee Chin comes back after two years with their charcoal-grilled kaya toast

Mention the words “kaya toast” and instead of Ya Kun Kaya Toast or Toast Box, Chin Mee Chin will be the first coffee shop that comes to my mind. After all, it was where my family would spend our late mornings gathered over bread and coffee after my nephew’s weekly rollerblading classes at East Coast Park. Sadly, since the coffee shop closed their shutters two years ago, McDonald’s was often our most convenient option. 

Store front of Chin mee Chin

If you have been missing your Hainanese-style charcoal toast bread, old-school pastries, and cups of kopis, here is a piece of good news for you. Chin Mee Chin will be back in action by the end of March this year at its original location at 204 East Coast Road. Now, this definitely is an addition to your food adventure around the area.  

Although Chin Mee Chin might be returning into business with its new partner, Ebb & Flow Group—the brains behind renowned restaurants like The Dragon Chamber and Sommer Dining—long time fans can be assured that the coffee shop will not be losing its traditional taste and nostalgic appeal.

A picture of Charcoal grilled kaya toast

Other than a slight price increase, diners can still expect to bask in the nostalgia of enjoying their dining experience under the shop’s iconic red and blue signboard and against its green mosaic tiles. Let’s not forget about the marbled tables and wooden chairs. 

Close up pictures of egg tarts

Charcoal-grilled Kaya Buns, Soft-boiled Eggs, and traditional beverages aside, Chin Mee Chin will also retain an array of their signature pastries such as the Custard Puffs and Cupcakes. I for one, hope that their Egg Tart remains for sale in their iconic aluminium shelves as I remember enjoying its buttery crust and smooth eggy centre. 

More details of Chin Mee Chin’s official opening will be announced closer to date so don’t forget to follow their Facebook page to keep yourself updated.

For now, why not check out the following cafes and coffee shops for some yummylicious kaya toast that are equally as mouth-watering as those sold at Chin Mee Chin!

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