Coffee Bandits Food Truck: Tuck Into Delicious & Affordable Lunches Under S$7 Right At Your Office Doorstep

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You may have already heard of the Coffee Bandits cafe on Henderson Road, but have you seen their food trucks around Singapore? Filled with delicious and piping hot lunch food, Coffee Bandits food trucks are a blessing for professionals who work in offices that are located far away from lunch places.

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Operating a truck is far cheaper than running a cafe, so Coffee Bandits is able to deliver cafe-quality food at affordable prices — nearly everything on the menu costs less than $7.

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The food truck menu is a concise one, with a few sandwich staples, muffins, and gelato for those hot days.

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The first sandwich I tried from the truck was the Tandoori Vege Delight Sandwich ($6.50). I did not expect much of this sandwich, simply because it’s vegetarian. Don’t underestimate it like I did though, because this sandwich is extremely hearty with its tandoori flavour, verging on what I would describe as meaty.

There is no meat though, just plenty of zucchini, eggplant, and capsicum  — all vegetables I usually hate. Yet this sandwich was really appetising, and I found myself enjoying the tangy marinade of tandoori spices.

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The Turkey Ham & Cheese Sandwich ($6.50) was another winner, tasting like an upgraded version of the simple ham and cheese sandwiches I’m used to having at home. It is made with fragrant focaccia bread, thick slices of turkey ham, cheddar cheese and slices of hard boiled egg (the egg is an add-on for $0.70).

It’s hard to go wrong with this combination, and I enjoyed the savoury and melty goodness of this sandwich a lot. The only thing I would want to improve is the amount of lettuce. The sandwich would be a lot tastier and filling with a more generous serving of greens.

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The best sandwich at Coffee Bandits which needs no improvement at all is the Pulled Pork Sandwich ($6.50). Smoky, aromatic, and lightly spiced, the pulled pork tasted heavenly with melted mozzarella, cheddar and spicy mayo.

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I initially intended to only take two bites out of each sandwich I tried so I wouldn’t be too stuffed. However, I ended up taking more and more bites out of this sandwich in particular and just couldn’t control myself.

You know something tastes really good when you’re already full but you wanna pig out anyway.

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I also decided to order a cup of Iced Organic Chocolate ($6.20) to wash down all my grub. The drink was thick and pleasantly grainy with a strong taste of cacao. You can also try the speciality coffee (prices start at $4.30) if you need your caffeine fix.

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Not only does Coffee Bandits have tasty sandwiches at reasonable prices, they have great service too. Coffee Bandits food trucks currently visit a handful of offices such as SPH Magazines and Fusionopolis on a weekly basis, but if you want them to stop by your office too, drop them an email at [email protected].

These fellas are changing the lunch game in Singapore.

Expected damage: $5 – $7 per pax

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