COLLIN’S new menu shows love to plant-based meats — available now

When I think of Western comfort food, few places match up to the repute COLLIN’S has built up for themselves. Opened by founder Collin Ho, COLLIN’S penchant for Western fare at various price points has earned them legions of fans who readily flock to any of their 12 restaurants spread across multiple malls in Singapore. They’ve got the whole bang-for-the-buck cuisine down pat.

Collin's Salt and Pepper "Chicken"
Credit – The Vegetarian Butcher

Not one to rest on their laurels (and to also, you know, keep up with 2021 trends), COLLIN’S is ready for a dramatic unveiling of an updated menu that keeps the familiar favourites customers have long associated with the namesake, with the addition of plant-based meats to get flexitarians and diners trying to cut down on their meat consumption (yes, I’m talking about you, Susan) giddy with excitement.

To start, there’s a Salt and Pepper “Chicken Chunks” Salad (S$9++) with plant-based chicken chunks from The Vegetarian Butcher simply tossed with salt and pepper. I spy chilli bits on this which excites me a tad because it reminds me so much of Chongqing chicken tossed with dry chilli. It might not be that tongue-numbing, but it works for a subtle hint of spice, I say.

Collage of COLLIN's "Chicken nuggets" & "Meatballs"
Credit – The Vegetarian Butcher

Appetisers come by way of Korean Crispy Cereal “Chicken Nuggets” (S$8++) coated in a Korean sweet and spicy sauce, served with a side of mesclun salad. There’s also a “Meatballs” and Tomato Au Gratin (S$9++) cooked in a tomato marinara, topped with mozzarella and bread crumbs. Do you know who will love this? Kids. Or even adults who are big in size but young at heart. You really can’t go wrong with plant-based meats, savoury tomato sauce, and melty cheese.

Collage of "Meatballs" truffle pasta & Green Curry "Chicken" Pasta
Credit – The Vegetarian Butcher

COLLIN’S pasta selections are also given a plant-based touch. The “Meatballs” and Mushroom Truffle Cream Pasta (S$16++) takes a familiar favourite and turns it on its head with plant-based meats cooked with spaghetti and a heady truffle cream sauce. As a tribute to Thailand, the Green Curry “Chicken Chunks” Pasta (S$16++) features Thai green curry mixed with beautifully al dente spaghetti that makes forgetting our travel pangs that much harder.

While you’re at it, pair your plant-based food extravaganza with COLLIN’S array of wine selections, curated by celebrated sommelier Ch’ng Poh Tiong. Their house pour of Levorato Sauvignon Blanc 2019/2020 goes perfectly with the ‘Chicken Nuggets’, while the Pagos Del Rey Caño Toro Tempranillo/Garnacha 2019/2020 pairs well with the ‘Meatball’ appetisers and pasta.

COLLIN’S new plant-based dishes are available at all COLLIN’S restaurants.

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*This post is brought to you in partnership with The Vegetarian Butcher.