Ex-head chef opens burger delivery service, Crab & Burger, to bring creative crab burgers to the masses

Our city is spoiled for choice when it comes to burgers. At any turn of a street, you’ll probably end up spotting a burger joint and it’s a go-to convenience food for many. But the beloved crab meat is scarcely used well in a market saturated by poultry and red meat. It was this hole that Jodin, ex-head Chef of Burger & Lobster restaurant, wanted to fill by bringing something exciting and affordable to the table. Thus, Crab & Burger was born.

Crab Mac and Cheese Bites
Credit – Crab & Burger

Launched only two months ago as a fully delivery based restaurant, the reach has been limited but the love for the food isn’t. The wow factor comes from the unique way in which the crab is creatively incorporated into the food, and the menu goes beyond just burgers. Check out starters like the Crab Mac and Cheese Bites (S$9) which are bite-sized macaroni pieces coated in crab cheese sauce. There’s also the Crab Dip and Shrimp Crackers (S$5) which are shrimp crackers with a spicy crab and soy based dip. 

crab burger
Credit – Crab & Burger

For the mains, start your day off with the Crab Omelette Breakfast Burger (S$15) that has delish crab meat sandwiched within a fluffy omelette with chilli jam on toasted brioche buns. The KP (S$20 for single, S$30 for deluxe) comes with crispy crab cakes in cheddar cheese, curry mustard mayo, beef tomatoes, and some more fresh veggies on toasted brioche buns. Aside from these, they also have non-crab options and my pick would be the Charsiew siew Yoke Burger (S$15). Dig into Charsiew pulled pork that comes with crispy pork crackling, chicken rice chilli, cucumber and lettuce on toasted brioche buns. It has me salivating already! 

The buttery brioche buns which appear on all burgers are freshly baked in-house. Due to the hard-hitting pandemic, the lower startup cost pushed them to begin as delivery based but they’re soon looking to move into a brick and mortar establishment. Until then, snag these burgers with a crabby twist through food delivery apps like Oddle eats, Deliveroo, and FoodPanda

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