We tried Creamier’s new seasonal Tau Huay ice cream — here’s what we think

It’s undeniable that Creamier is one of Singapore’s OG ice cream and waffles places. One mention of the creamery and folks all over will have stories to tell of their favourite flavours or the great dates they’ve had there. Panic ensued when they announced the closure of their Toa Payoh outlet some time last year, but thankfully order has been restored with its reopening.

Creamier Tau Huay Ice Cream 3

I’ve never had a bad cone at Creamier, and so when word got around of their seasonal Tau Huay flavoured ice cream, I jumped on it immediately. After all, tau huay is one of Singapore’s iconic desserts, so paying homage to this already creamy, milky dessert seemed heavenly. This particular flavour was made in collaboration with Pure Soya Bean at Toa Payoh Market.

Creamier Tau Huay Ice Cream 5

As a testament to how popular the flavour is, I tried to get my hands on it a total of four times at the Toa Payoh outlet before I could even bag myself a pint home. Miraculously, the whole pint survived my 1-hour ride back in just a cooler bag and was still hard as a rock when I fished it out upon reaching home.

At first whiff, the fragrance of the beancurd isn’t overpowering, but rather a subtle aroma. I’m going to address the elephant in the room and say what’s on everyone’s mind—no, it hardly tastes like Mr Bean’s Soya Ice Cream.

Creamier Tau Huay Ice Cream 4

For one, it’s barely as sweet and presents a much heavier, creamier consistency. It’s almost a solid version of an iced soya bean drink gao siew dai, if that even exists. And that translates to iced soya bean, thicker, and less sugar, for those of you disappointments of a Singaporean.

My personal advice? Crush some Lotus Biscoff and sprinkle them over a bowl of Creamier’s Tau Huay for that great balance of sweet and milky. If you’re really planning to make a meal out of this, then brew a fresh cup of coffee to enjoy alongside it. And they say the perfect dessert doesn’t exist.

As far as I know, the Tau Huay flavoured ice cream is currently available for a limited time only. If you don’t want to miss out, I suggest trying it as soon as you can.

Date & Time: Available now at all Creamier outlets 

Price: S$12 per pint