Curate Cucina Pisana, Sentosa: SG’s first restaurant specialising in Pisan cuisine, of which I will never forget

Buona Giornata! If you’ve never heard of Pisan cuisine, here’s your chance to get familiar with it. Helmed by Chef de Cuisine Davide Bizzarri, Curate Cucina Pisana is the latest dining addition at Resorts World Sentosa that spotlights the little-known fare. 

For the less informed, Pisan cuisine offers an array of variety and taste, and tends to be simple—almost rustic—but is always made from the best ingredients. It varies from fish and seafood specialities to game dishes. Mushrooms are also an important feature in the diverse Pisan cuisine. 

What I tried

Like many of you, I’ve not been able to travel for a long time. Hence, when I learnt about the Ride and Dine Package (S$228++ per person), my adventurous soul immediately went for it. The Ride and Dine Package consists of a unique dining experience paired with a 20-minute ride in a Vespa Sidecar before heading back to the restaurant for an exclusive 4-course Festive Set Menu (available for a limited time only).

Welcome drink with vespas

Upon arrival, I was greeted by the outlet manager who offered me a refreshing aperitivo before leading me to the carpark to start my tour up the picturesque Mount Faber. Now, I’ve not been to Italy but cruisin’ along the streets of Singapore seated in a Vespa sidecar truly encapsulated the true Italian experience I would imagine it to be. 

Interior Open kitchen

After what seemed like I was waking up from a beautiful dream, I was ready to indulge in the creations from the home of the Leaning Tower in the beautiful restaurant which also boasts an open kitchen—similar to the one you can see on Hell’s Kitchen. 


First up on the list is the antipasto; a Burratina—burrata cheese, vine-ripened tomatoes, and rucola salad atop a bed of signature homemade pesto ‘Pisano’ with aged balsamic vinegar. Like a regular burrata, the outer casing is of solid cheese, while the inside contains a combination of soft stracciatella and cream. When paired with the pesto sauce, you will get a burst of herbaceous flavour with each bite. I especially love how the sweetness of the tomatoes balances the creaminess of the cheese. It’s basically everything I love on a plate!


For zuppa, you will be served a Cappuccino. Served in a tall glass to look like a cup of your favourite caffeine-filled drink is actually a Tuscan-style porcini mushroom & chestnut soup with porcini trifolati (truffled mushrooms) and ciabatta croutons mixed with truffle milk foam and grated Italian truffle. 

A spoonful of creamy Cappuccino

The addition of crunchy croutons certainly elevates the creamy soup and it also has an explosion of fresh flavours leading to a very pleasant mushroom-esque aftertaste. Even if you’re not a mushroom lover, I’m sure a spoonful of this creative dish will get you going back for more. 

Risotto Baccala Prosecco e Zafferano

For secondi, you will have the option to choose between the Risotto Baccala Prosecco e Zafferano or Punta di Petto

The Risotto Baccala, Prosecco e Zafferano is essentially Carnaroli risotto cooked with Prosecco wine and Italian saffron pistils with baccalà mousse (cured cod fish). I love a good plate of risotto but the one here could do with a little less Prosecco as it made the dish a tad too sweet for my liking. When paired with baccalà foam, however, there was a subtle marriage of sweetness and saltiness—which was a redeeming factor. 

Punta di Petto

The Punta di Petto on the other hand is perfection on a plate. Before you dive in, I’ll have you know that the beef short ribs are braised for 48 hours over a low temperature in Chianti wine. 

The chocolate cake-looking dish will also come with a side of parsnip velouté and balsamic-glazed onions. Take a small piece of the tender melt-in-your-mouth meat with a bit of the creamy parsnip velouté and onions for a transcendent experience. It was akin to angels singing in my mouth and like all things, it had to come to a sad end. 

Torta co’ Bischeri

To end the night on a sweet note I was served with a Torta co’ Bischeri. Think of the rich Pontasserchio dark chocolate and risotto cake base topped with raisins, pine nuts, and candied fruits served with a side of vanilla ice cream—sounds heavenly, right?

A spoonful of Torta co’ Bischeri

The pastry was a perfect blend of crunchy, silky and chewy, and is as good as it looks. To top it all off, the aftertaste of candied fruits proved to be a sweet ending to my night. 

Final thoughts

Curate Cucina Pisana has done an exceptional job in properly encapsulating the essence of Pisa by being Singapore’s first restaurant specialising in Pisan cuisine. From the thrilling Vespa tour to the phenomenal dishes, this is one of the few dining experiences I will never forget. 

It’s undeniable that there is a slew of Italian restaurants in Singapore but you should take it upon yourself to visit this place at least once to savour in the tasty creations from the home of the Leaning Tower. Besides, it’s also a great place to celebrate dining with your family. Book a table today—and trust me, you won’t be disappointed! 

Chope Reservations

Expected damage: S$40 – S$150 per pax 

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Price: $ $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Curate Cucina Pisana

26 Sentosa Gateway, The Forum, #01-231 & 232, Singapore 098138

Our Rating 4/5

Curate Cucina Pisana

26 Sentosa Gateway, The Forum, #01-231 & 232, Singapore 098138

Operating Hours: 5pm - 10pm (Mon & Tue), 11.30am - 3pm & 5pm - 10pm (Fri to Sun), Closed on Wed & Thu

Operating Hours: 5pm - 10pm (Mon & Tue), 11.30am - 3pm & 5pm - 10pm (Fri to Sun), Closed on Wed & Thu
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