Lawrence Wong: “If you want to go out to dine in a restaurant… you have to be fully vaccinated”

Lawrence Wong speaking at parliament on dine in measures for fully vaccinated
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Just in today after a ministerial statement in Parliament, Finance Minister and Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) co-chair Lawrence Wong has said that those looking to dine-in as well as workout in gyms and studios have to be fully vaccinated. This also means the reverse for the unvaccinated or partially-vaccinated.

People dining in at Hong Chang Eating House

Measures for vaccinated & unvaccinated individuals

Those who are not fully vaccinated might be consequently disallowed from dining in at restaurants or using fitness studios, maintaining the status quo of regulations now. These measures that distinguish the two groups will likely be in place after the MTF’s review in early August this year.

This review will happen early next month, at the mid-way mark of our current Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) period, but only vaccinated individuals will see changes to the restrictions, as they are “much better protected” against the virus, said Wong.

“So if the clusters are under control, and hospitalisation rates remain low, we will be able to ease some of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) measures,” he added. Also, attendees of religious services and large events involving more than 100 pax also have to be fully vaccinated.

The reopening of Singapore’s economy will be adjusted according to the vaccination coverage of its overall population, including seniors. Approximately 90% of the population would have received two doses of the vaccine by early September, an estimate by the government suggests. Following that, the hope is that measures of vaccinated individuals can ease up then.

Lawrence Wong speaking in Parliament on 26 Jul 2021
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Updated travel restrictions

On top of local restrictions, travel-related measures will also evolve accordingly as vaccination levels rise. “Singapore will also begin to reopen its borders and allow vaccinated people to travel,” said Wong.

It will begin with arranging travel corridors with countries or regions where infection is more controlled, or that have “managed COVID-19 well”.

Also, fully-vaccinated individuals will then be able to travel to these places and regions without needing to serve the 14-day Stay Home Notice (SHN) in a hotel when they return. Non-vaccinated people will still be allowed to travel albeit subject to according SHN requirements.

Masking up & safe distancing measures as per usual

Finally, the “new normal” practices as we’ve come to know them will continue to be in place amidst all these transitions.

“We would probably not want to do away completely with our mask requirements. We may consider dispensing with masks when outdoors, but it would still make sense to wear them in indoor enclosed environments where the transmission risks are greater,” said Wong.

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