Start off 2021 right with durian on a popsicle stick

Nothing beats the creamy, bittersweet goodness of durian. Touted as the king of fruits, it’s not difficult to see why once you sink your teeth into its yellow flesh. Vivid imagery aside, it truly is a blessing that we can enjoy this coveted fruit on our shores.

However, it’s not always easy to get your hands on good durian. There have been horror stories told of cutthroat sellers who tip the scales or poor quality durian only to be repackaged as premium variants. Perhaps with the ongoing pandemic, the durian craze has died down considerably, with less of us being able to go out and pick our thorny delights at fruit stalls.

If you simply cannot resist indulging in some quality durian, let me introduce you to The Durian Monarch. Perhaps one of the woes of eating durian is first having to open it. Encased in a prickly vessel that is merciless to the inexperienced, forcing open durian shells can be a bloody and painful affair. It’s undoubtedly messy as well, having to dispose of the shells and leftover husks of the fruit.

With The Durian Monarch, let all your troubles float away as you indulge in their cleverly named ‘Durian Bars’. Each stick consists of premium Mao Shan Wang durian ice cream. Yet, they don’t stop there. The ice cream is shaped into a morsel of durian flesh, much like what you’ll find in the real fruit. It’s undeniably adorable, not to mention a clean, fuss-free and most importantly delicious way to enjoy your durian.

In fact, 54% of the ice cream is made with real MSW ice cream pulp. That’s over half of the content in each portion. Eating ice cream has never looked more classy than with The Durian Monarch’s durian bar. It’s a head-turner, for sure, and also a perfect gift option to impress friends and family this upcoming festive period.

To get your hands on this product, simply visit this link and place your orders. Do note that they are running a new year promotion, where 12 Durian Bars are going for the price of S$88. Hurry though, for this deal only lasts till 17 January 2021. For those that can’t get enough durians, have a look at out Produce Explained on durians and you’ll know why Mao Shan Wang is so prized.

Date & Time: CNY Promotion till 17 January 2021

Prices: 4 for S$33.60, 8 for S$61.20