Eggciting, Canberra: Egg-xtraordinary loaded Korean toasts with beef and pork shabu from S$4

Honestly, the one thing that I wouldn’t purchase at hawker centres would be egg toast. It simply didn’t make sense to me to purchase something that I can easily put together at home. However, when I came across Eggciting, I knew that it was not your mainstream egg toast stall. There was just something much more egg-xtraordinary about what they put together.

Photo of Eggciting storefront  A stone’s throw away from Canberra MRT, Eggciting is located at the foot of a fairly new Canberra BTO estate. 

When I arrived, the vibrant yellow colours of the storefront immediately caught my eye, allowing it to stand out from the rest of the stalls in the coffee shop.

Picture of store owner preparing foodEggciting is helmed by 45-year-old Lynna Yon and her sons. Lynna takes up the responsibility of preparing the stall’s masterpieces, while her sons help to take and serve orders. She greets her customers with friendly smiles, making it easy for me to strike up a conversation with her.

Besides, Eggciting offers a very interesting menu. Although it was fairly simple, it was enough to get my mouth drooling. Firstly, you’ll be able to choose your “level” – between Basic (S$4) and Premium Korean Toast (S$6). For the Basic Toasts, you have a choice between Ham, Luncheon, and Tuna. On the other hand, their Premium Toasts offer significant upgrades in the form of Beef Shabu, Pork Shabu, and Bacon. Alongside the meats, you can also choose two out of their six different sauces to be drizzled on top of your toast. 

What I tried 

Picture of Pork Shabu ToastMy first instinct was to go for Eggciting’s Premium Korean Toast with Pork Shabu (S$6). 

It left a positive first impression on me, as it was loaded with a variety of ingredients and vibrant colours and enveloped by two slices of thick toast. Besides, it was also nicely wrapped in waterproof paper and presented in a cute box. 

With that, I could not restrain myself from instantly digging into the toast.

Picture of the inside of Pork Shabu Toast

The moment I bit into the toast, the powerful flavour of the pork shabu immediately hit me. I really liked how the pork was both sweet yet slightly salty at the same time, with neither one overpowering the other. Also, the caramelised onions that accompanied the shabu slices added a nice crunch. My sauce combination of Nacho Cheese and Thai Sweet Sauce did not really work, as the former was way too overpowering.

I enjoyed the generous portions of thick scrambled eggs, which were well seasoned and carried good texture. However, they lacked that satisfying creaminess and fluffiness that one would normally associate with scrambled eggs. This came down to how no milk was used in cooking to cater to lactose-intolerant diners. 

The other slight bummer would lie in the bread itself being a little too dry and thick for my liking. Thankfully, it was slightly on the sweet side and the juicy tomatoes helped to add some nice moisture to it.

Picture of interior of Beef Shabu Toast

Next, I was greeted by Eggciting’s Premium Korean Toast with Beef Shabu (S$6). 

It was my best pick from the lot as I got to sink my teeth into Eggciting’s lean slices of beef. The slices were also very tender and they were not too oily. At first, the beef carried a slight tinge of sweetness, which surprisingly was not too overwhelming even with the addition of their Sweet Thai Sauce.

Picture of luncheon meat basic toast

Time to move on to the classics. I loved how simple Eggciting’s Basic Luncheon Toast (S$4) was. 

When I saw my Luncheon Toast, the first thing that came to mind was: “Where’s my meat?” Eventually, I discovered that the luncheon meat was sandwiched between the generous portion of scrambled eggs and toast.

While I expected a crispy slice of luncheon meat, it was much on the softer side. Besides, I think I got my sauce choices just right as while the Honey Mustard was not too sweet, I loved the tanginess of the Thousand Island Mayonnaise Sauce.

Picture of Basic Ham Toast

The Basic Ham Toast (S$4) came with thicker bread and the sweetness from their Japanese Mayonnaise Sauce dominated the toast. Thus, I felt like the eggs could have used a little more black pepper just to balance everything out. 

Picture of interior of Luncheon Meat Basic Toast

Although these were just your classic egg toasts, the scrambled eggs still played a huge role in terms of elevating the dish.

Picture of pork shabu donLast but not least, I went for Eggciting’s Pork Shabu Don (S$5). 

The pork did not disappoint as I could distinctively taste the brilliant braised flavour that was injected into it. Being a big fan of sunny-side ups, I was very excited to pull my fork through the egg yolk. Thankfully, the egg yolk oozed out pleasantly like a flowing river. From this, I instantly concluded that the owner is a master at her craft of frying up eggs.

Picture of meat dipped in chilli

The game-changer of the dish came in the form of a small plastic container of chilli. Its strong flavours helped to enhance the entire dish, leaving an unforgettable aftertaste on my tongue.

Other than that, the rice was a little mushy. This might have been a result of how long we spent photographing the various dishes. Despite that, it still did not dampen my impression of the extremely well-balanced dish.

Final thoughts 

Picture of Korean Toasts

Overall, indulging in Eggciting‘s value-for-money egg toasts was truly a memorable experience. The tremendous portions that accompany the toasts make it an irresistible option for those not willing to break the bank for breakfast toasts. 

The only downside? If you do not stay in the north, getting here might not be as convenient. Regardless, I would definitely recommend this over other major breakfast toast players, especially when factoring in the significantly shorter waiting times and cheaper prices.

Expected damage: S$4 – S$6 per pax

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Price: $

Eggciting Singapore

115 Canberra Walk, #01-03, Singapore 750115


Eggciting Singapore

115 Canberra Walk, #01-03, Singapore 750115

Telephone: +65 9229 0888
Operating Hours: 8.30am - 1.30pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 9229 0888

Operating Hours: 8.30am - 1.30pm (Daily)