NTUC FairPrice is bringing Thailand to Singapore through Thailand Fair

While Thailand has already opened its borders to tourists, not many Singaporeans have been able to go for a holiday. Do not fret, as NTUC FairPrice is bringing Thailand to us! NTUC FairPrice Thailand Fair will be available across various FairPrice outlets islandwide from 26 May to 8 June 2022.

A picture of FairPrice Boat Noodles, original Boat Noodle flavour and Mala flavour
Credit – NTUC FairPrice

Thai boat noodles have become increasingly popular in Singapore, and for a good reason: they are delicious.

These delectable bowls of noodles are now available to be enjoyed on the go, with Thai Noodles Self-Heating Pot being one of the limited items available at FairPrice’s Thailand Fair. They come in three flavours: Boat Noodle, Chinese Mala Hotpot and Japanese Black Shabu Shabu. All three flavours are priced at a discounted S$2.95 each.

A picture of 3 in 1 Lays chips
Credit – NTUC FairPrice

Before today, I have never heard of 3-in-1 chips. Essentially, these are three chip flavours that go nicely together mixed in one bag.

Lays Rock 3 in 1 Popcorn Mix Potato Chips (S$2.60) mixes three common popcorn flavours together: cheddar cheese, butter corn and caramel, while Lays Potato Chips 3 in 1 Salmon Chili Lime (S$2.60) mixes salmon, chilli and lime-flavoured chips to create a special concoction.

Both are interesting flavours that will definitely appeal to the Singaporean palette.


Picture of Mae Ploy Sauces
Credit – NTUC FairPrice

For those looking to cook up a storm at home, be sure to get the Mae Ploy Stir Fry Thai Basil Base (S$6.90) for your own pork basil fried rice. This stir-fry sauce contains garlic, dried red chilli, and holy basil, and is an authentic base to elevate your dish to the next level.

For other Thai-inspired dishes such as pad thai, check out Mae Ploy Pad Thai Sauce (S$3.90), which has mild sweetness from coconut and palm sugar, with an additional depth of flavour from fish sauce and tamarind.

Both Mae Ploy sauces are ready-to-cook — simply add in one’s desired meat or ingredient and fry to your heart’s content. Additionally, Mae Ploy sauces are halal-certified!

Boasting a wide variety of one’s favourite Thai snacks and fruits, one must head down to see what the fair offers. For more information, customers can stay updated via its website.

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