5 Places Across Singapore For A Very Festive Feast This Chinese New Year 2018

Chinese New Year is a Season of Reunion when we gather with our friends and family to celebrate the beginning of yet another year.

If you’re heading out for reunion dinner, or are stocking up for some Chinese New Year snacks, Far East Malls will have what you need. From festive snacks to reunion dinners, you can be sure to satisfy all your Chinese New Year needs at the conveniently located malls.

With 13 malls all over Singapore offering different restaurants and retail stores, you’re all set for Chinese New Year!

1. Sushi Tei @ West Coast Plaza

Westies, you’re in luck, because West Coast Plaza is a convenient stop for all your Chinese New Year needs.

For a yu sheng heavy on fresh seafood, why not head to Sushi Tei at West Coast Plaza for your Chinese New Year lo hei?

Far East Group 1 Sushi Tei CNY Menu

This customisable Sushi Tei Prosperity Yusheng ($36.80 for medium, $42.80 for large) lets you choose different add-ons for the platter.

It comes with 16 slices of Salmon, and you can add on even more Salmon ($14.80 for 16 slices) for a truly abundant yu sheng.

Far East Group 2 Sushi Tei CNY Menu

Other add-ons include Baby Abalone/Awabi ($18.80 for 15 slices), Swordfish/Mekajiki ($17.80 for 16 slices), Yellow-tail/Hamachi ($10.80 for 8 slices), Treasure Platter ($30.80 for 34 slices consisting of salmon, baby abalone, swordfish, sweet prawn and surf clam), Fortune Platter ($23.80 for 22 slices consisting of salmon, baby abalone and swordfish).

Far East Group 8 Sushi Tei CNY menu

If you’d like a healthy option for sharing, try the Kaisen Nabe ($29.50). This traditional sumo hotpot is great for two to three people and comes packed with premium healthy ingredients. You can choose from three different soup bases: Shoyu, Miso, and Spicy Miso.

Far East Group 9 Sushi Tei

The Spicy Miso base had a pleasant heat, which felt very comforting. The hotpot comes with vegetables and seafood such as prawns, scallops, salmon and yellowtail fish. It’s healthy and delicious!

Other dishes that are great for sharing include the Ebi Mentaiyaki ($17.80 for medium, $22.80 for large) and the Golden Roll ($16.80).

Far East Group 4 Sushi Tei CNY Menu

The Ebi Mentaiyaki was a good blend of flavours, from the scorched cod roe to the juicy prawns.

Far East Group 3 Sushi Tei CNY Menu

But my favourite had to be the Golden Roll. A tangy mango layer was wrapped around fluffy rice, with a crunchy king prawn centre. I liked how the roe popped in my mouth as I bit into the roll. Since it’s already sectioned into smaller portions, this dish is great for sharing!

Other than the yu sheng, the other three dishes are on the regular menu, so you can order them even when the Chinese New Year period is over.

Sushi Tei: 154 West Coast Road, #01-87, West Coast Plaza, Singapore 127371 | Tel: +65 6775 0012 | Opening Hours: 11.30am – 11pm daily | Other Outlets Facebook | Website

Not a fan of Japanese food? Not to worry! Westies, you can also check out Joyden Canton and Jiak Modern Tze Char in HillV2, or Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant and OPPA Korean BBQ in Junction 10.

If you’re heading out of the heartlands and into the CBD, why not try Tunglok Teahouse in Far East Square, or Maru Dine & Bar in Icon Village?

2. Nan Xiang Chicken Rice Restaurant @ Square 2

Conveniently located right next to Novena MRT Station, Square 2 offers over 200 specialty shops, right in the heart of bustling Novena.

This Chinese New Year, it’s time for a return to the good ol’ days of traditional chicken rice balls with Nan Xiang Chicken Rice Restaurant in Square 2!

Far East Group 4 Nanxiang Chicken Rice Restaurant

For a festive feast, choose from Set A ($168 for 5 pax), Set B ($268 for 8 pax), or Set C ($368 for 10 pax).

Some of the highlights include the Yam Basket, which was invitingly fragrant when served on our table. The crunchy cashew nuts added a contrasting texture to the creamy yam in the dish.

Far East Group 14 Nanxiang Chicken Rice

I really liked the Fish Maw with Crab Meat Thick Soup, which was thick and rich with layers of flavour. The slightly sweet strands of crab meat paired well with the savoury soup, and lingered on my tongue even after swallowing.


Far East Group 15 Square 2 Nanxiang Chicken Rice

Of course, you can’t miss out on the Chicken Rice Ball ($1.20 per ball), and you definitely have to try the Roasted Chicken which comes with the set meals. The roasted chicken skin was super crispy and kept me going back for more.

Far East Group 16 Square 2 Nanxiang Chicken Rice

Each mouthful of the tender chicken meat also went very well with the chilli adding heat and added flavour to the meat.

The round rice balls were fluffy and delicious; do you know the deeper meaning behind the round-shaped rice balls? Crafted by hand, the roundness represents the closeness of family members as we come together to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Nan Xiang Chicken Rice Restaurant: 10 Sinaran Drive, #B1-01 to 05, Square 2 @ Novena MRT, Singapore 307506 | Tel: +65 6397 6823 | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm daily | Website

If you want traditional Chinese food in a different style, Dragon Bowl in Greenwich V offers traditional Cantonese cuisine. For a meatier meal, you might also want to drop by Meat Market in Hougang 1. Either way, you’re sure to have a good meal!

3. Tung Lok Seafood @ Orchard Central

With a collection of public art installations and its iconic exterior, Orchard Central makes every dining and shopping experience a classy one.

Far East Group 21 Tunglok Seafood

Celebrate with the whole family at Tung Lok Seafood in Orchard Central with a sumptuous spread of seafood.

Far East Group(edited) 7

The TungLok Chilli Crab ($68++ for regular crab under 1kg, $78++ for large crab above 1kg) is served with golden fried mantou, which was fried to perfection consisting of a golden-brown skin and fluffy insides. I strongly recommend using the mantou to sop up the chilli crab sauce to experience an explosion of flavours in your mouth.

The crab meat was soft and tender and fell apart easily. Although they had already segmented the crab for us, we still had to dig the meat out of the claws. But good things are worth working for, and it was worth the effort of cracking open the crab claws when I popped the meaty morsels into my mouth.

Far East Group 5 Tunglok Seafood

Another great dish for sharing is the Salted Egg Yolk Prawns ($90++ per 1kg). Drenched in savoury salted egg yolk sauce, the dish was also topped with fragrant strands of fried yam. I liked how the salted egg taste wasn’t too overpowering, yet added enough flavour to the juicy prawns.

Since the prawns weren’t deshelled, I had to get my hands dirty to peel the shells off. Or you could eat it whole (shells and all) for added crunch since it’s already fried.

Perhaps even make this a fun family activity, and get everyone in on the prawn-peeling action!

Chope Book Now Yellow (1)

Tung Lok Seafood: 181 Orchard Road, #11-05, Orchard Central, Singapore 238896 | Tel: +65 6834 4888 | Opening Hours: 11.30am – 3pm (Lunch, Mon – Sat), 10am – 3pm (Lunch, Sun & Public Holidays), 6pm – 10.30pm daily (Dinner) | Other Outlets | Facebook | Website

If you’re looking for other dining options in Orchard Central, you can check out Dancing Crab and TungLok XiHé Peking Duck.

For more affordable dim sum, you could head over to Tim Ho Wan in Pacific Plaza. Or switch things up with Korean cuisine at Yun Ga Traditional Korean Restaurant in Katong V.

4. Old Seng Choong @ Clarke Quay Central

Clarke Quay Central offers not just a wide selection of retail stores and dining spots, but also a striking view of the Singapore River. Take a stroll around this riverside mall to get away from the stress of Chinese New Year preparations.

Chinese New Year is the perfect excuse for non-stop snacking, so you’ll want to pick up a few tins of cookies and pineapple cakes from Old Seng Choong.

This festive season, Old Seng Choong is unveiling a festive twist on the traditional pineapple cakes. Aside from the Original Pineapple Tart ($24.80 per box), you can indulge in flavours, such as Yuzu Pineapple Tart ($26.80 per box) and Orange Peel Pineapple Tart ($28.80 per box). These fruity flavours definitely made the pineapple cakes more refreshing!

Far East Group 29 Old Seng Choong

You can also munch on savoury varieties like Bak Kwa Pineapple Tart ($28.80 per box), or even Spicy Nonya Pineapple Tart ($26.80 per box). Yes, you read that right. The savoury bak kwa bits actually paired surprisingly well with the sweet pineapple filling.

My taste buds were definitely intrigued by the Spicy Nonya Pineapple Tart, because the strong savoury taste of the hae bee hiam (shrimp paste) was a sharp contrast to the sweet snack. If you’re an adventurous eater, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Far East Group 27 Old Seng Choong

While you’re at it, go for their cookies that have conventional flavours, such as Earl Grey ($18.80 per box), Lavender ($18.80 per box) and Gula Melaka ($18.80 per box).

Or if you’re looking for something to intrigue your taste buds, why not pick up some of these exotic flavours: Cereal Prawn ($19.80 per box), Satay ($18.80 per box), Laksa ($18.80 per box), BBQ Bak Kwa ($19.80 per box) and Bak Kut Teh ($19.80 per box).

I especially liked the Bak Kut Teh cookies, which had an authentic herbal flavour. The smoky taste of the BBQ Bak Kwa cookies also complemented its sweetness. It’s so hard to stop at just one.

Far East Group 31 Old Seng Choong

If you want to share new and exciting tastes with your family this Chinese New Year, pick up some snacks at Old Seng Choong. You can get up to 25% off Chinese New Year goodies like the pineapple cakes, and up to 15% off the cookies!

Old Seng Choong: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #01-48, Clarke Quay Central, Singapore 059817 | Tel: +65 6282 0220 | Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm daily | Facebook | Website

5. Cat & The Fiddle @ Clarke Quay Central

If you want something sweet and creamy to celebrate Chinese New Year, Cat & the Fiddle is perfect for your needs.

With a variety of cheesecakes to choose from, you’re sure to find one that hits the spot. We tried five different flavours, including one that’s rolled out just in time for the Lunar New Year.

One flavour that’s sure to be a household favourite is King Cat of the Mountain ($42.90 for 900g or 10 slices) — a literal translation of Mao Shan Wang (a type of durian). With an exceptionally strong durian flavour, this creamy and rich cheesecake was really filling, and It almost felt like nibbling on an actual durian!

Relive the nostalgic days of homemade Horlicks with Jolly Horly ($38.90 for 1.1kg or 10 slices), the cheesecake version of a comforting cup of Horlicks. Each slice was full of malty goodness, and transported me back to my good ol’ childhood days.

Far East Group 32 Cat & The Fiddle

Kids will love The Modern Duke’s Pudding ($35.90 for 1kg or 10 slices) — an Oreo confection that’s sweet enough to put smiles on their faces.

For the adults with more refined taste buds, give the Maneki Neko ($42.90 for 1.1kg or 10 slices) a go. This surprisingly refreshing cheesecake had a citrus flavour from the lemon and yuzu, and a bittersweet finish, which went well with the creamy base.

Finally, usher in the Year of the Dog with The Citrus Tsar (usual price of $42.90, promotional price of $34.30 for 1kg or 10 slices), an orange tea cheesecake that’s light on the palate. It’s layered with orange jelly that was refreshing. For the Lunar New Year, it’s even topped with a pair of chocolate koi fish!

Far East Group 34 Cat & The Fiddle

There’s something for everyone in the family at Cat & the Fiddle, so why not celebrate Chinese New Year with sweet treats that’ll have you grinning wider than the Cheshire cat? You can even get a 15% discount with the code ‘SETHXCAT’, valid until 31 May 2018.

Cat & The Fiddle: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #01-41, Clarke Quay Central, Singapore 059817 | Tel: +65 6287 0077 | Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm daily | Facebook | Website

For a heavier meal, why not head over to JUMBO Seafood in Riverside Point? Their cuisine is great for family gatherings, and it’s just down the river after all! If you want a meal with more heat, head over to Spicy House Restaurant for Chengdu-style hotpot. Harry’s, Café Iguana and Brewerkz Restaurant & Microbrewery are great spots for a few post-meal drinks too!

Gather your family and friends to celebrate this season of reunion, and feast to your heart’s content. With the wide selection of restaurants and retail stores in Far East Malls, there’ll be something for everyone.

*This post was brought to you in partnership with Far East Malls.