New in town: Fieldnotes by Zee & Elle — New patisserie at Neil Road specialises in handmade & aesthetically pleasing desserts

The well-known Zee & Elle have been catering many desserts for various occasions for many years. The only way to snag these cakes are from online orders or their MacPherson outlet, which doesn’t allow for dining-in. But now, they’ve created a beautifully curated space for dessert lovers— Fieldnotes by Zee & Elle. It’s exactly like what they promised— a whimsical space to enjoy botanical-inspired desserts at Neil Road.

Nestled along the same stretch are KBBQ stores, coffee joints, and cafes. Neil Road is a location familiar to those who frequent the whole area for a night of good food, dessert, and drinks, and Fieldnotes adds a nice inclusion if you’re looking to have a change in the typical dessert options in the area.

Fieldnotes 1

First greeted by a minimalistic interior with an orderly line-up of small metallic tables and tiny stools, the space reveals minimal furniture for a quick dessert session after dinner (or you could have cakes as a meal too, we don’t judge eating habits). Subtle additions of dried plants adds to the rustic environment that it has set up.

The layout itself is quite calming, whether you’re enjoying a drink or a dessert over here.

Fieldnotes 2

After coming across several features of their chiffon cakes, I decided to try something different— the Chocolate Brownie Salted Caramel Tart (S$8.50). A heavenly creation! It’s on the heavier side as compared to the rest of their desserts because first, it is chocolate-based, so it retains a stronger flavour as compared to the cakes. Second, it’s rich with a chocolate and caramel ganache that is simply remarkable and it complements the chocolate crust.

I was full, but I kept going at it.

Fieldnotes 3

An option for the matcha fanatics would be the Matcha Azuki Cake (S$8.50). Featuring layers of earthy matcha-flavoured chantilly cream and sweet azuki beans, all the layers turned out beautifully. The distinct bitterness of the matcha was not too heavy on my taste buds, and it was gorgeously balanced out by the sweetness of the beans. Although I would like it if there were more azuki beans though!

Nonetheless, it wasn’t overbearingly heavy in cream, and the ratio of the layers were well thought out.

Fieldnotes 4

For those who like fruit cakes, they have quite a wide variety. I suppose they infuse Japanese flavours because their options include favourite Japanese ingredients like yuzu, white peach and matcha.

The White Peach Kinkan Slice (S$8.90) was what I opted for, and it turned out really well for me. A bite in, I was surprised by the pleasant citrus notes that were really refreshing. These would be popular amongst the older crowd if they prefer less-sweet options, as the components of fruits bring it up a notch!

Aside from these options, they also offer interesting takes on waffles and brownies, so do patronise them if you’re ever in the area.

All in all, Fieldnotes by Zee & Elle keeps up to their promise of catering a whole whimsical experience. Their cakes are on a lighter side, which many people would rather have nowadays. Furthermore, the fact that they are planted in a central location now would definitely make it a hot spot for the masses.

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Fieldnotes by Zee & Elle

41 Neil Road, Singapore 088824

Fieldnotes by Zee & Elle

41 Neil Road, Singapore 088824

Operating Hours: 11.30am - 9pm (Sun to Thu), 11am - 11pm (Fri & Sat)

Operating Hours: 11.30am - 9pm (Sun to Thu), 11am - 11pm (Fri & Sat)