13 Food Subscription Services That All Singaporeans Deserve

Last Updated: January 10, 2018

Written by Gloria Sim

Forget Boxing Day; Every day can be unboxing day now.

As e-commerce starts to boom and us millennials get lazier to leave our homes, delivery services are quickly becoming an upcoming trend. Subscription services are enhanced versions of delivery services, in so far as they eliminate the need for continuous placing of orders by sending items to you based on your selected duration and frequency.

I don’t know about you, but I think receiving parcels in the mail and enjoying a good meal are some of the best feelings in the world. Throw the two together and there you have it: food subscription boxes. Need a bite? How about some artisan coffee or alcohol delivered to your doorstep? Subscription boxes are the answer.

I’ve tried my best to compile a comprehensive list of subscription boxes in Singapore that deliver consumable products, in no particular order. So, whether you’re a recluse who fears the great outdoors, or a workaholic who is simply too busy for the frivolity of shopping, I’m sure these subscription boxes have something to offer.

— To Eat —

1. Baking Subscription Service – Batterful

baking subscription singapore Batterful Box Exterior

It’s true, not everyone is born with culinary talent, but you needn’t shy away from the kitchen no more. Try Batterful for an easier, more convenient way to churn out delightfully baked goods. Move over, Nigella!

Batterful is the first baking subscription service in Singapore, founded by passionate self-taught bakers, who’ve collaborated with cafes and bakeries such as SumoPocky and The Fabulous Baker Boy to produce an extensive recipe menu.

A simple subscription to Batterful entitles you to a monthly box of premium ingredients, How-To Online videos and interesting recipes from across the globe.

Batterful Box Recipe

Batterful’s Classic Box (4-5 servings) retails for $19.95/month, while their Family Box (8-12 servings) retails for $29.95/monthexcluding delivery costs.

Get batter at baking by ordering your first box here.

2. Healthy Snacks Subscription – MadeReal

healthy snack food subscription singapore made-real

Post-snacking blues got you down? Good news – you don’t have to stave off the munchies with sinful snacks. MadeReal’s curated snack boxes feature snacks that are not only nutritious but will satisfy your need for a nibble, proving all the doubters wrong – healthy and tasty can be synonymous!

Each MadeReal snack box retails at $24.90 per box, with options for delivery every 2 or 4 weeks.

Snack well with your MadeReal box here.

3. Japanese Snacks Subscription – KimochBox

japanese snack Subscription Boxes singapore

Fans of Japan, rejoice! Kimochbox is a monthly subscription box that specialises in Japanese snacks, because let’s face it, who can say no to little Japanese treats?


Kimochbox contains a uniquely curated array of snacks picked from the Land of the Rising Sun and sent straight to your doorstep. It features popular brands like Royce, Glico, Meiji and Nabisco, so every month’s box is a surprise.

Mothers, fathers and friends: this makes a great gift for the teen in your life you don’t really know how to shop for. Trust me.

Kimochbox starts at $15 for an original box or $16 for an a la carte box, that allows you to select your own goodies.

Order your Kimochbox here!

4. Ice Cream Subscription – Pint Society


Pint Society is my dream subscription service in the flesh. Operating on a monthly-delivery basis, it delivers two hand-crafted pints of ice-cream with luscious and innovate flavours — I mean, how quirky does ‘Forever Summer’ sound?

I’m not sure about you, but I love the thought of having my freezer stocked with freshly crafted ice-cream without having to lift a finger.

A subscription to Pint Society starts at $38/month and goes as low as $29/month for a year, with free delivery to boot!

Your monthly ice-cream delivery starts here.

5. Healthy Snacks Subscription – BoxGreen

healthy food subscription singapore BoxGreen Box

BoxGreen has featured several times in renowned publications like HerWorld and The Business Times, so of course it was imperative that it appear on this list. Much like MadeReal, BoxGreen is a subscription box that strives to promote healthier snacking by delivering wholesome and delicious snacks — think nuts, dried fruits and grains.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

I really like that BoxGreen works in partnership with Willing Hearts, donating one meal to help the less fortunate for every box delivered. Also, as an additional feature, BoxGreen lists its snacks’ nutritional values online, so anyone calorie conscious can keep themselves in check!

BoxGreen retails at $19.90 per box as a subscriber, including normal mail.

Alternatively, for a one-time couriered purchase, you can get the Gift Box ($24.90), meant for a single person, or the Family Box ($99.00), which contains a whopping 50 (yes, 50!!) snacks.

Don’t wait, get your BoxGreen here.

6. Organic Food Subscription – Simply Fresh


SimplyFresh is a weekly subscription service for fresh organic food harvested from farms in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. In short, it is what every atas household needs.

It’s the first of its kind in Singapore, and offers 8 boxes to cater to diverse needs. Each box holds a good 5 to 7kg of fresh produce, with 8 to 10 types of fruit and or vegetables that may vary with the seasons. I personally think that it’s a lovely way to receive your groceries, especially with such an assurance of quality.

SimplyFresh fixes prices at $150/box, except the Family Value Box which retails at $250/box.

Grab a box of fresh produce here.

7. Nutritional, Healthy Meals Subscription – Grain

healthy meal subscription singapore grain

Unlike the other items on the list which operate on a weekly or monthly basis, Grain is a daily meal subscription serving up hearty and wholesome meals to the busy CBD worker.

Grain guarantees their chefs have experience in top restaurants, so you can be sure of the quality of their meals. As they change up their menu very often, there’s always something new to look forward to, and you can pre-order meals up to five days in advance.

Grain’s meals start at $10.95 for a serving of Kimchi Quinoa Salad with Sesame Tofu, though prices do vary based on the mains you choose. Grain also delivers for free to selected CBD areas!

Hop on the Grain train here.

— To Drink —

8. Wine Subscription – The French Cellar


Passionate about wine or simply seeking to impress your guests at a dinner party? Either way, The French Cellar has got you covered with a monthly wine subscription service of two bottles of fine French wine and their 3-star Michelin sommelier’s tasting and pairing guide.

This subscription service also makes a perfect gift for that fancy friend of yours. You know, that one who uses “alabaster” or “ivory” instead of “white” in everyday conversation.

The French Cellar has four different subscription packages available. The most economical package, Vineyard Gems, starts at $102/month or $88/month for a duration 6 months.

Start on your fine wine subscription here.

9. Whisky Subscription – Whiskey Butler


Whisky Butler, Singapore’s first whisky tasting club, offers a monthly subscription box containing 4 specially chosen drams of whisky and detailed tasting notes.

This is the perfect box for those who love a glass of liquid gold, giving you the opportunity to sample exquisite whisky without purchasing an entire bottle.

Prices for a box start at $88, with greater savings the longer the duration of your subscription. The Whisky Butler box also includes free shipping and exclusive invitations to Whisky Butler events!

You can order yourself a Whisky Butler box here.

10. Tea Subscription – Gryphon Tea Box

I knew I couldn’t miss out a tea subscription box, considering how popular a beverage it is, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that local tea company Gryphon Tea offers just the thing.

Gryphon Tea’s subscription box comes in two varie-teas: the Artisan Box and the Gourmet Box, with plans lasting a duration of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. The Artisan curation offers 30 tea satchets, while the Gourmet comprises 3 types of loose leaf tea, but both promise customers a superb selection and free delivery!

ONLINE - Gryphon Tea Box

With unheard-of flavours like ‘Tomatino’ and ‘Nymph of The Nile’ to choose from, you can be assured more than just run of the mill teas.

Prices start at $28.80/month for the Artisan curation, and $32.80/month for the Gourmet curation.

Get started on your Gryphon tea subscription here.

11. Coffee Subscription – Hook Coffee

Hook Coffee Box subscription singapore

Got a coffee craving that can’t be satisfied by just any old 3-in-1 concoction? Hook Coffee offers a coffee subscription box so that you can make your own artisanal coffee in the comfort of your home kitchen.

Hook promises freshly roasted specialty coffee whole, grounded or in drip bags for those of us who don’t own complicated coffee machines but still want to enjoy a good quality cuppa. Best of all, their beans are ethically produced and sustainably sourced. Guilt-free!

A pack of 10 drip-bags/250g of beans comes up to $18, and the frequency of delivery is very flexible, based on how often you drink coffee.

To begin your Hook Coffee subscription, click here.

12. Craft Beer Subscription – Thirsty 

Subscription Boxes singapore craft beer-thirsty

Thirsty is not just a watering hole. As the leading craft beer shop in Singapore, it also offers a unique craft beer subscription service. Quirky cool craft beers from around the world are handpicked and sent to you for a very reasonable price.

A three-month subscription, consisting of 6 bottles of beer a month, costs only $178. If you do the math, that comes up to slightly less than $10 a bottle.

Thirsty’s beer subscription awaits you here.

13. Sake Subscription – Sakemaru

sakemaru sake subscription singapore

What beats a good glass of sake at an Izakaya bar? A good glass of indie sake in the comfort of your home. SakeMaru delivers premium ‘nama’ sakes specially curated and flown in from different distilleries across Japan. Each month’s sake arrives with a brochure on its origins and a sommelier’s guide to appreciating the drink.


Prices for a SakeMaru subscription begin as low as $50 a month for a 720ml bottle of sake, and there’s even a 50% discount applied to your first order.

Oh for goodness’ sake, order your monthly delivery of Sake here.

I’ll stop here before I turn square from all the writing about boxes. I hope this list adds some value to your lives.

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