Foodpanda presents bao jiak Durians in the comfort of your home

It’s undeniably iconic, your enthusiastic durian sellers peddling the best durian along the streets. But, as the durian season arrives and the fever rises, heading down to secure your loots may not be that fruitful after all. We know we love our durians, so to avoid disappointment, Foodpanda has now done us a solid by offering bao jiak (translates to guaranteed delicious, for durians) durians to our doorstep. You can bet that your journey to these finger lickin’ good durians is a less prickly one.

Bao Jiak Foodpanda Delivery

From 1 July 2021 to 31 July 2021, relish these toothsome fruits from over 42 durian vendors on Foodpanda shops. Some even generously offer free island wide delivery, so you can indulge in your money’s worth.

Foodpanda’s got your go-to durian sellers in store. Savour some of the regal classics, Black Gold Mao Shan Wang and Golden Phoenix durians from SG Durian Boy, and WTF Durian’s D13 Prawn.

Wtf Durians

If you haven’t already known, Mao Shan Wang durians are a top-choice in desserts, enjoyed in any iteration and form. And what’s a greater overkill than a MSW (Mao Shan Wang) Ultimate Bundle (S$80.25)? Spike Empire Durian has outdone themselves by offering a mix of 400g nitro frozen MSW durian fruitlets, MSW gelato ice cream and MSW crème mini puffs, so there’s some sweet treat for everyone at home.

Msw Ultimate Bundle

We love our durians and deals, so Foodpanda has presented us another gift of a promocode. With a minimum order of S$70, customers can enter the code, <DURIAN>, for a $7 discount from select durian vendors.

You’re just a few clicks away from your durian delivery—just access the bao jiak banner under “Shops” on and on the mobile app, and you’ve entered the treasure trove of durians.

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