Graviteabar Introduces Milk Tea, Mango & Pitaya Drinks With Bird’s Nest On 2 Jan 2020

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Credit – GraviteabarThe art of mixing tea, flowers, herbs, fruits and even spices is what Graviteabar is best at. The brand has really lived up to their mission about creating a unique experience for customers, with their upcoming launch of the line-up of Premium Bird’s Nest drinks on 2 January 2020. The brand first started off at Robinson Road and had recently moved over to their new outlet at China Square Central

To celebrate the new year, these three Premium Bird’s Nest drinks are meant to usher in the Year of the Rat.

For those who are wondering about the health benefits that bird’s nests have, they offer anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle benefits. These drinks taste as good as they look, which is the best part! 

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The three drink variations for the Premium Bird’s Nest line are the Beauty Bird’s Nest (S$18) on the left, Milk Tea Bird’s Nest (S$10) in the middle, and Sparkling Love Bird’s Nest (S$18) on the right. The bird’s nest is specially imported all the way from Sabah, Malaysia. The drinks are also prepared with brown sugar syrup for that lovely sweetness. 

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To begin, we had the Sparkling Love Bird’s Nest (S$18) which is a pitaya (dragon fruit) concoction. It had totally won me over, with how rejuvenating the juicy pitaya cubes were. It had the perfect level of sweetness, accompanied by how light and refreshing the drink is, you’d definitely be hooked after one sip!

Graviteabar 4

This has definitely got to be my favourite out of all three—the Beauty Bird’s Nest (S$18). The mangoes were really sweet and since I am quite a huge fan of mangos, I really enjoyed the drink. This light, fruity concoction is then topped by the premium bird’s nest.

Some interesting benefits of mangoes are that they can reduce acne breakout, remove dead skin cells and promote an increase in collagen production Not only does this drink taste good, it’s also great for your body too!

Graviteabar 5

For those who enjoy a classic milk tea, Graviteabar has the Milk Tea Bird’s Nest (S$10). The signature Milk Tea is made using special premium grade Assam black tea imported from Taiwan.

The tea flavour was quite potent, leaving a lovely roasted aftertaste, which I really liked. The Assam black tea is known to improve immunity, help in weight loss and in skin whitening. Its robust and malty taste complemented the chewy bird’s nest really well. 

With the launch of these delicious bird’s nest beverages, Graviteabar also wishes to gift customers a 1-for-1 deal for these drinks. The promotion runs from 2 – 12 January 2020. So mark your calendars and get ready to give these healthy yet delicious beverages a try! 

Dates & Times: Available from 2 January 2020 onwards

Prices: S$10 – S$18 per drink

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5


18 Cross Street, #B1-130, Singapore 048423

Our Rating 4/5


18 Cross Street, #B1-130, Singapore 048423

Operating Hours: 11am - 8pm (Mon - Fri), 11am - 5pm (Sat & Sun)

Operating Hours: 11am - 8pm (Mon - Fri), 11am - 5pm (Sat & Sun)