‘Nua’ With The New Gudetama McFlurry Featuring A Custard Cake Flavour At McDonald’s Japan Till Early July

Even from a mile away, you’d recognise the lazy egg character with its famous, shiny butt cheeks, nua-ing like us on a weekend. I mean, we even have a Gudetama Cafe at Suntec City.

Can’t get enough of this tamago? Trust Japan’s McDonald’s to introduce a new Gudetama McFlurry (¥290, approx. S$3.54) on the menu that’s only available until early July 2018. 

Gudetama Mcflurry 3 Online
Credit – Sanrio Co., Ltd.

In commemoration of the character’s fifth anniversary this year, you can now eat Gudetama ice cream. At first, I thought this adorable dessert was riding on the salted egg yolk hype, but it was revealed that the mystery flavour is custard cake.

Pieces of fluffy sponge cake lie on a creamy milk soft serve, which also comes with two sauces of custard and caramel for a sweeter finish.

Gudetama Mcflurry 5 Online
Credit – Sanrio Co., Ltd.

There are six limited edition cups, each with different designs of Gudetama — from the egg squishing its own cheek to taking a cool selfie with shades on. You can also purchase the Happy Meal to collect one of the six Gudetama toys in the form of mini-straps to hang from your phones or bags.

It seems unlikely that we’re going to see this cute dessert on the menu of McDonald’s Singapore anytime soon, so if you’re lucky enough to already be heading to Japan, you have to try it!

Dates: Till early July 2018

Price: ¥290 (approx. S$3.54)

Gudetama McFlurry: Only At McDonald’s Japan Outlets | Website

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