Hong Kong Lung Hwa Roasted Delights: Melt-In-Your-Mouth Cantonese-Style Roast Meats In The Heart Of Toa Payoh

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If you ever walk through 127 Toa Payoh Food Centre and an undeniably fragrant aroma wafts through your nostrils, it’s probably coming from Hong Kong Lung Hwa Roasted Delights. This humble hawker stall may not seem like anything special but once they start roasting their meats, you will definitely be compelled to follow the sweet scent.

Hailing from Hong Kong, the chef roasts his meat in the traditional Cantonese style where much focus is placed on making the skin evidently crispier than most local roast meat stalls in Singapore. They also pay special attention to the meats they bring in, using the leaner alternatives.

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Hanging their meats out was certainly a good way to entice hungry customers during lunch time, and I wasted no time in ordering the Roasted Duck Rice ($3.50). Served on top of rice, the thick chunks of meat came in a fairly generous portion size, and had a side of vegetables and gravy. 

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I had high hopes for the roast duck and it certainly didn’t disappoint as the duck meat boasted utmost tenderness, without any trace of gaminess whatsoever. Dipped in the delicious sauce, each cut of meat was simply delectable and was clearly painstakingly grilled to ensure such quality.  

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Another item on their menu that I couldn’t resist trying was the Honey Roasted Chicken Drumstick Rice ($3.50). Unlike the regular chicken rice, the chicken meat wasn’t dry — in fact, every piece of meat has been charred and caramelised before being plated. 

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Due to the honey glaze, the chicken turned out to be inherently sweet and that’s apparent in the glean it gives off. Not only were the cuts thick and juicy, but the charred ends also add a smoky flavor that served to complement the gravy very well. 

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Having tried its duck and chicken rice dishes, I was also curious to know if their roast porks were any good so I opted for the BBQ Pork and Roasted Pork Rice ($4). And, I wasn’t in the least bit disappointed by what I received. 

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While I enjoyed all the roasts meats so far, the roast pork was definitely my personal favourite. Each layer was melt-in-your-mouth tender and came with a crispy skin that crunches with every bite.

Something I always look out for in three-layered meat is the ratio of skin, fat and meat; this certainly exceeded my expectations because every layer was proportionate without any two compromising the other. 

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What I loved most about this dish was that it came with two different cuts of pork, giving customers who prefer more variety a great alternative to the single meat servings. 

And, let me just say that the Char Siew was just as good as the three-layered pork, if not better. Drizzled with their signature honey glaze, the barbecued slices of pork struck the perfect balance between sweet and savoury when doused in the gravy.

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Preparing meats in the traditional Cantonese style, Hong Kong Lung Hwa Roasted Delights sells roast meats that are certainly worth giving a shout out for.

Tucked away in the heart of Toa Payoh, the humble stall has gained a loyal following of customers who can’t help but return for more lean cuts of meat with a delectably crispy skin. At least I know, I will be returning for their chockfull of delicious roast meats whenever I’m in the area. 

Expected Damage: $3.50 – $4 per pax 

Hong Kong Lung Hwa Roasted Delights: Blk 127 Toa Payoh Lorong 1, #02-18, Toa Payoh West Market and Food Court, Singapore 310127 | Opening Hours: Friday – Tuesday (10am – 3pm) | Facebook