Hotdogs Inc : Premium Sausage Purveyor In The Heart Of Town

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Here’s some good news for all you hot dog fanatics, Hotdogs Inc has recently opened up a brand new kiosk at PoMo mall.

With sauces formulated in-house and specially curated premium sausages such as beef, spicy Italian pork and Wienerli, there are plenty more options to choose from, as opposed to what you might find at a regular hot dog joint. To top it off, you also get to pair your sausage with freshly baked buns, either plain or sesame. 

Do note that there is limited seating available at the shop itself, as this is mainly a grab-and-go concept. 

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Pork Cheese Sausage (left), Wagyu Beef Roll (right)

The classic Pork Cheese Sausage ($7.50) may look simple but it is one of their best sellers. Featuring a medley of chilli, sweet radish, spring onions, tomatoes, rocket leaves, cabbages and cheese sauce, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular.

Together with a fresh sesame bun, the melted cheese that oozed out of the pork sausage was great. However, I felt that the chilli and relish was a little too sweet for my liking.

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One of their signature offerings and most certainly my favourite, is their Wagyu Beef Roll ($9), which I’m sure has won over the hearts of many gourmands. Prepared with 100% minced Wagyu, the beef roll is coated with an organic egg liquid and sprinkled with premium breadcrumbs before it is deep-fried.

The result is a crisp golden exterior that reveals a juicy and tender meat when bitten into. Paired with a plain bun, it has similar condiments to that of the Pork Cheese Sausage with the exception of BBQ sauce and mayonnaise.  

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The Soft Shell Crab ($9) was equally delightful. Although the garnishes were pretty much similar to the previous hotdogs, the laksa mayonnaise paste seemed more appealing and unique compared to the other sauces. Not being a huge fan of mayonnaise myself, I was skeptical at first, but the sauce had a nice homemade touch to it, and a tinge of spiciness that went really nicely with the crunchy crustacean.

Aside from their hotdog offerings, they also have many delectable sides to accompany their buns.

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The premium Cheeky Spicy Wings ($6 for 3 wings) are marinated with a secret recipe that has been concocted in-house.

My initial impression of this was that it seemed like any regular chicken wings combo. However, upon drizzling lime and dipping the wings into the spicy sambal chilli sauce, I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty it was. The mixture of sour and spicy definitely added a nice tang to the crisp wings.

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Another side offering they had was the Squid Balls ($4.50 for 6 pieces). Home-made with their very own recipe mix, the squid balls are served with a slice of lime and a salted egg yolk sauce. While the paste made for a nice dip, I felt that the squid balls by themselves lacked in the wow factor.

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Chicken Poppers ($4.50) are also available for those who can’t get enough of that crispy popcorn chicken. This is served with the addictive salted egg yolk sauce as well.

Of course, you can wash all these down with either hot or cold beverages. There are a variety of drinks (free flow at $2) to choose from, including softs drinks such as, coke and Fanta orange, or lemon tea and coffee. If you prefer to have tea, they also have a selection of teas, namely the apple cinnamon, earl grey and vanilla peach.

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For a gourmet hotdog experience, Hotdogs Inc is one of the places to look out for. Although the hotdogs are kind of on the pricier side, they do have a wide variety of sausages that you might not be able to get anywhere else. Their sauces are also especially robust when paired with the high quality fillings and fresh buns. 

I would, however, suggest that they add some vegetarian options to their menu to cater to those who cannot, or prefer not to go for the meatier offerings. 

In any case, their grab-and-go concept will certainly attract those who are constantly on the go and are in need of a quick but hearty bite. 

Expected damage: $4 – $9

Address:  Hot Dogs Inc, 1 Selegie Road, PoMo Mall, #01-23, Singapore 188306 | Opening Hours: Monday – Friday (10am – 9pm), Saturdays (10am – 5pm), Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays | Tel: 6265 0433 | Facebook