Hungry Bazterdz Singapore: Glorious Sandwiches That Will Fill Your Bottomless Stomach

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Known for their massive sandwiches and in-house brewed coffee, Hungry Bazterdz is founded by independent coffee roaster, Nomad The Gallant. Located right within the heart of the CBD area, this halal sandwich cafe instantly caught my attention with their unique name, reminding me of Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards.

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Situated right inside The Arcade, on the first floor, Hungry Bazterdz has an inviting store front featuring a brief menu showcasing their sandwiches that are packed to the brim with a whole range of condiments.

I would say that it’s a refreshing change from the healthier food joints in the area. Why not trade your salad and poke bowls for heartier sandwiches?

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With an underground feel to the cafe, the interior had a sort of artistic flair to it and was extremely cosy. The perfect place to take a break from work and enjoy a scrumptious meal.


Mighty Cheese Steak ($16)

Mighty indeed! This cheese sandwich is packed with its homemade four-cheese sauce and tender slices of seared beef. Expect to find strings of melted cheese blended in with the beef when you pull apart the hoagie buns.

If their generous portion is too much for you, you can always choose to share it with a friend. Strongly recommended for meat lovers.


Salmon Teriyaki ($16)

If you can’t get enough of salmon, may I suggest the Salmon Teriyaki sandwich. Drenched in sweet-tasting teriyaki sauce, the oven baked salmon fillet was perfect with fresh ingredients such as avocado, red onions and rocket salad.


Nutella-Nana ($11)

Craving for something less savoury and more sweet? Try their Nutella-Nana if you’re keen on having a dessert sandwich. The Nutella spread is accompanied with a tart berry compote, sliced bananas and Ovaltine flakes on top of the soft milk and chocolate bread.

The berry compote serves to balance out the sugary mixture of chocolate, while the Ovaltine flakes embedded into the bread adds a nice malty crunch.


Ice Lemon Tea / Iced Black Coffee (complimentary)

A complimentary drink comes with every sandwich. Choose between the ice lemon tea or iced black coffee to wash down the grease from your sandwiches.


Truffle fries ($7)

We just couldn’t resist ordering their truffle fries even after having all the sandwiches. The classic shoestring fries topped with truffle oil can certainly do no wrong. With grated parmesan cheese, ground pepper and chicken floss added, this was highly addictive.


Here at Hungry Bazterdz, you can get your caffeine fix as well. Selling their signature blends and even packaged retail beans from Nomad The Gallant, they take a lot of pride in roasting their coffee and ensures that it is up to standard.


Cold Brew White Mocha ($7), Thai Ice Tea ($4)

I decided to try their Cold Brew White Mocha and Thai Iced Tea. Both were sweet tasting and a delight to have after the savoury sandwiches. The rich, full-bodied flavour of the White Mocha made it my favourite out of the two.


If you’re searching for an exciting lunch option or simply an alternative to switch up your regular sandwich, consider making a trip down to this cafe to indulge in their rich, juicy and meaty sandwiches.

Do note that it can get quite crowded during lunch hour. If that happens to be the case, you may opt for a takeaway instead.

Expected damage: $16 per pax

Hungry Bazterdz: 11 Collyer Quay #01-06,  The Arcade Singapore, 049317 |Contact: +65 6816 3213 | Opening Hours: Monday– Friday (7am – 6pm),  Saturday (8am – 3pm), Closed Sundays Website