6 ice cream deliveries to satiate your sweet tooth

I find it hard to trust anyone who tells me they dislike ice cream; what do you even mean? It’s one of the easiest desserts to consume—save for messy spills when eating out of a cone, granted. But now that we’re mostly working from home, a quick trip to the freezer makes it too convenient to not have a few pints stocked up, to get you through the day. While there are plenty of ice cream deliveries for one to choose from, these are my top 6 recommendations. Time to get scooping!


Apiary +61 ice cream

Popular as a late-night dessert stop, Apiary has garnered quite the following. Now you can enjoy the same supper indulgence, but right in the comfort and safety of home. Some choice flavours would be the Papua New Guinea Vanilla Bean (a classic made with real vanilla beans), +61 (milk-based ice cream with fresh orange zest, toasted almond flakes, and dark chocolate chips), and Lychee Yuzu Sorbet (non-dairy sorbet with lychee and Japanese yuzu zest).

Island-wide delivery is available for a flat fee of S$5 (minimum spend of S$50). For more information on how to place your order, visit their site here.

84 Neil Road, Singapore 088844
+65 6493 7273
Daily: 12pm – 10pm
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Scoop of Salted Chocolate Ganache & Almond Brittle

Now, you might not think of Saveur immediately when it comes to ice cream, but yes, Bread & Butterfly by Saveur is available for delivery right to your doorstep (along with their food menu, which comes personally recommended as well). Their bundles are certainly worth considering, especially if your family has a habit of being selfish around this icy dessert. Choose from a bundle of four, six, or 10 pints, with flavours ranging from Blue Vanilla with Black Sea Salt, Hojicha, to Salted Chocolate Ganache & Almond Brittle. There’s also the option to order their flavours individually, but let’s get real with ourselves—one pint ain’t ever enough.

There’s island-wide delivery with a minimum spend of S$50, and free delivery with a minimum spend of S$80. Right now, they’re even having a promotion where you can enjoy a second ice cream pint at S$5 off and a free ice cream pint if you spend a minimum of S$140. If you plan a dinner feast for the fam, Saveur has to be an easy choice. For more information on how to place your order, visit their site here.

5 Purvis Street, #01-04, Singapore 188584
+65 6333 3121
Tue to Sun: 12pm – 3pm & 5pm – 10pm
Closed on Mon
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Alfero Artisan Gelato

Alfero Artisan Gelato Gula Melaka gelato

Moving their business completely online, Alfero Artisan Gelato has to be one of the first few places that led me to fall in love with this Italian dessert. If you’re not in the know, gelato differs from ice cream in that it uses a higher proportion of milk to cream. Hence its reputation for having significantly less fat than ice cream. If you’ve yet to try gelato, this is a great place to start, especially with their interpretation of Gula Melaka and luscious Avocado. For the purists, there’s always Bacio (milk, hazelnuts, and chocolate) and Snow White (pure whole milk).

For orders below S$50, there’s a S$15 delivery fee. For orders between S$50 and S$74, a S$5 delivery fee applies, while orders above S$75 come with complimentary delivery. For more information on how to place your order, visit their site here.

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Pints of Creamier ice cream

This Toa Payoh household name can now be part of any household, regardless of where you stay. Indulge in Creamier‘s best-sellers such as Roasted Pistachio, Earl Grey Lavender, and Blue Pea Vanilla. If you want to sweeten the deal, there’s a Trio bundle, complete with a cooler bag, or perhaps their Waffle Cones (Set of 12) for a more authentic experience.

Orders below S$75 will incur an S$18 delivery charge; orders above S$75 will enjoy complimentary delivery. For more information on how to place your order, visit their site here.

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The Dark Gallery

The Dark Gallery pints

The darker the chocolate, the more it speaks to me. That’s why The Dark Gallery is one of my favourite haunts for all things rich, luxurious, and chocolatey. From the comfort of your couch, order any of their ice cream pints such as Signature 80% Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Mint, and Black Truffle Chocolate. They do offer other non-chocolate flavours as well such as Genmaicha and Red Velvet, but we all know what we’re really here for, don’t we?

Weekday delivery is available at S$10, while weekend delivery charges are doubled at S$20. For more information on how to place your order, visit their site here.

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Momolato Mao shan wang dairy-free ice cream

Having just opened its first brick-and-mortar shop in Haji Lane (which we absolutely adore!), the Momolato experience can now be brought right to your living room. From sorbets to gelato to dairy- and sugar-free ice creams, there’s something for everyone here. My picks would be the delectable Mao Shan Wang Durian (dairy-free), Yuzu Lemon with Rose-infused Lychee, and Avocado Coconut Gula Melaka (dairy-free) so a good variety that’ll probably have you traipsing to the freezer one too many times.

There’s free delivery for orders S$65 and above, and S$8 delivery fee for orders below S$65. If you’re really impatient and need to dig into your pint ASAP, there’s also a special one-hour specific delivery timing allocation at S$15 charge. For more information on how to place your order, visit their site here.

34 Haji Lane, Singapore 189227
Sun to Thurs: 12pm – 10pm
Fri & Sat: 12pm – 2am
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