The most affordable Impossible™ Burger, available at 7-Eleven from 26 May

There is no question that the topic of sustainability is on everyone’s mind. Whether it is to use metal straws, a reusable bag, or carry around bamboo utensils, we are all doing our part to help our planet. One of the biggest ways to reduce our impact is to cut down our consumption of meat, and plant-based meats have been on a roll lately, especially Impossible™ Meat.

Storefront of 7-eleven
Credit – 7-Eleven

I don’t need to give you the spiel on why Impossible™ Meat is so great. Besides the obvious reduction in carbon footprint, it’s even more nutritious than normal meat. Ever since its debut, there have been iterations of Impossible™ Meat everywhere and I mean everywhere—we’ve even complied a list. It’s no secret that these new-fangled creations cost a pretty penny. But, now that 7-Eleven has thrown their hat in the ring, it seems we might have our most affordable Impossible™ burger yet.

Storefront of 7-eleven
Credit – 7-Eleven

Crafted using 7-Eleven’s chef-designed recipe, the ready-to-eat Impossible™ Deluxe Burger (S$5.90) is stacked with delicious sautéed white button mushrooms, garden-fresh spinach, and finished with a light and refreshing sour cream sauce between pillowy buns. This burger, along with the other host of 7-Eleven’s ready-to-eat items can easily be warmed up in under a minute.

Close-up of Impossible burger
Credit – 7-Eleven

Plus, you can have the Impossible™ Burger on its own or in a S$7 Saver Combo with a bottle of Glaceau Vitamin Water (500ml). By having a burger under S$6, it seems like Impossible really can walk the talk on their promise of providing affordable, delicious, and sustainable plant-based meat to consumers.

This burger will be available in more than 300 7-Eleven stores from 26 May 2021, so if you’ve always wondered what Impossible Meat tastes like, here’s your chance. You might like it so much you’ll even purchase those conveniently packaged 300g packs in the supermarkets. Yes, the future is looking plant-based indeed.

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