We tried the all-new Impossible Beef — here’s what we think

Last month, Impossible Foods first stocked their flagship product, Impossible Beef, in local supermarkets and stores. This is the first time Impossible has been made available for home chefs outside of the United States, so it’s pretty exciting to be able to whip up your own iteration of the plant-based meat that everyone knows and loves.

Impossible Beef

Today, I made an Impossible beef and mushroom omelette instead of my usual sunny side ups. As I’m spooning chunks of the ‘minced meat’ out into a bowl, what strikes me is how eerily similar the meat’s appearance is to the usual minced pork I’m used to. There are even traces of fatty bits to emulate its meat-based predecessor—after all, minced meat is typically made from meat scraps anyway.

Impossible Beef 3

Without marinating it, I drop the bits carefully into a lightly oiled pan. I want to be able to assess the product in its truest form, after all. It sizzles and spits just like minced meat does, and the mushrooms don’t help the spitting when they eventually join the pan too.

In goes the egg, and within two minutes, the dish is done. I sprinkle some chopped spring onions over, and my simple lunchtime side dish is ready to be wolfed down.

Impossible Beef 2

When I first sank my teeth into it, the bite on the Impossible beef is the first thing that rallies my attention. It possesses the exact same chewiness and texture as actual meat, and this is something I’ve not experienced with any other plant-based meat product. A while ago, I also tried IKEA’s Plant Balls which were tasty and delicious in their own right, but unfortunately did not possess the bite which I was hoping for.

In fact, I have to consciously remind myself that it was actually a meat-free product I was consuming because my subconscious quietly floats to the familiar minced meat egg dish that’s typically found at economical rice stalls. The Impossible beef was also tasty and extremely flavourful, which is honestly all you need if you’re looking for a healthier, more sustainable alternative that’s also really delicious.

After today, I can say that I’m truly a convert, and I wouldn’t mind topping up that few dollars for Impossible if it means being kinder to the environment, and our animals.

Price: S$16.90/packet (340g)