Singapore’s first Jollibee outlet moves out of Lucky Plaza after 10 years

It’s hard to imagine Singapore without Jollibee ever since they opened their first branch way back in 2013. While they’re certainly here to stay, the outlet that started it all at Lucky Plaza L6, closed its doors once the shift on 30 Nov ended.

jollibee - lucky plaza l6 outlet

Relax, like I said, it’s not the end for Jollibee. In fact, they’re not even fully gone from Lucky Plaza. They have another outlet at B1, which will remain up and working.

Jollibee - queue comment 1
Jollibee - queue comment 1

That said, the news still came as quite a shock and many reminisced about when the first Singapore Jollibee opened. It was kind of hilarious to see it mostly talk about the long queue times. It even sounds like a stereotype for them.

Jollibee - queue comment 3

Moreso when the general outcry from this news was that the B1 outlet would have even longer waiting times. The fact that no one mentions wanting to stop eating at Jollibee anymore even with the longer queue speaks of how beloved the Filipino fast-food chain is.

Jollibee opens 1st drive-thru with takeaway kiosk in Jurong West

Jollibee - comment

One comment even asks them to open at Jurong East. The demand for more outlets is still there.

Jollibee - mascot
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To make their final day at L6 special, Jollibee held a special thank-you party. Even the jolly Jollibee mascot made an appearance. He posed with customers and participated in the lucky draw event they were holding. 

Jollibee - lucky plaza for rent

In truth, while their announcement was swift and sudden, eagle-eyed passersby had seen the warning signs. On 31 Oct, a ‘For Rent’ sign was spotted on the windows. But outside of the goodbye post, no other details were shared.

Hopefully, it’s not a sign of more to come; it’s not just the Filipinos who live in Singapore that will cry.

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