Small but mighty pasar malam in Jurong East has stalls with churros & long boi fries till 31 May 2023

My first thought when I got off the bus and approached the newest pasar malam in Jurong East was “wow… it’s tiny”. And boy was that an understatement.

However, don’t let the tiny facade fool you; small but mighty, this pasar malam has everything you might want for those late night cravings.

Jurong Pasar Malam - Facade

The newest pasar malam in Jurong East spans a total of 10 stalls, barely covering the front of Yuhua Place, a market and hawker centre at that location. Yet, it has all the standard pasar malam fare from The Original Vadai and Emo Snacks to Ah Moi Thai Tea.

Just outside a market and hawker centre in a residential area, so the pasar malam generated a pretty decent crowd with a high turn-over rate.

Jurong Pasar Malam - Churros

Right at the start of the street were the cutest halal “eggless churros” from Loco Loco. Freshly made to order and in different flavours of Original, Ondeh-Ondeh or Oreo, the churros were priced at S$5 for a single-flavour cup or S$6 for Assorted Flavours.

Going for Gula Melaka sauce over Chocolate for our choice of dip, we were surprised by how moist these churros were as compared to those we have previously tried. Rather than being light and airy, these were a lot more custard-like and creamy and that was a pleasant surprise.

Flavour-wise, the ondeh ondeh churros tasted much like RedMan Lemak Kaya Pandan flavouring, so I’ll give that a pass and stick with either the Original or Oreo churros.

According to the store owners, they will only be at this pasar malam for 10 days until 25 May 2023. So, if you’re interested in trying these out, do head down before then!

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Jurong Pasar Malam - Long Fries

I’m sure many of us have seen these long boi fries or even eaten them at least once in our lives. Though not as amazing and long as, say, those from Aniki Potato in Raohe, Taiwan, these huge fries priced at S$3 are still quite the sight. Apart from long fries, the store also sells Twisted Potato Sticks (S$3) if that’s your thing and they have a promotion at 2 pieces of either for S$5.

Presentation-wise, these left much to be desired but they tasted pretty decent despite not being made on the spot. They had a pretty crisp exterior too. Not overly greasy or having the unpleasant rancid oil smell you find at some places, they make a nice late night snack but don’t expect the amazing.

Jurong Pasar Malam - Side View

If you’re looking for something to blow your socks off at the Jurong pasar malam, this is probably not it. But if the hunger pangs hit, it does have quite a number of staples to turn to.

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Jurong Pasar Malam

Block 347, Jurong East Avenue 1, Singapore 600347

Jurong Pasar Malam

Block 347, Jurong East Avenue 1, Singapore 600347